Sunday, June 6, 2010

Daily Interest [06.06.10]Taecyeon give necklace as present to celebrate YoonA's Birthday & danced "Love song" to confess his feeling to YoonA^^

 2pm Taecyeon gave "Family member" SNSD Yoona a very meaningful friendship gift.

During the recording of Family Outing 2 on 30th May, it was Yoona's birthday.And Taecyeon gave a necklace to her as a birthday gift","The other family members also gave Yoona birthday present that they had prepared".

The gift that Taecyeon gave Yoona was a necklace which had a letter"Y" on it which means the first alphabet of Yoona's name. Because of Taecyeon confessed to Yoona that he like her during the broadcast on the 30th,it had eventually became a hot topic.Yoona also felt touched of the presents the family members had prepared for her. This episode scheduled to be aired on next week 13th June.

While on this week, Taecyeon showing his beast like charm by dancing to RAIN 'Love song' and confessed his feeling to our Goddess YoonA ^^ , which led everyone to surprise with his sudden moves. YoonA face blushing all the way while Taecyeon looking at her with his super-charged eyes ^^.  Besides, Taecyeon also gave YoonA a perfume as present to celebrate her 'coming of age day', such a witty guy ^^.

Wow~ Are they real???
So sweet of Taecyeon preparing present for Yoona.And of course the other family members.

YoonA also danced wondergirl 'Tell me' to Taecyeon..hohohoho..they will continuing the scandal for a while now.

Full view of YoonA & Taecyeondances

Sunye & YoonA fight for Taecyeon

video credit to Opla0216, karrebunny
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