Sunday, June 27, 2010

Daily Interest [06.27.10] YoonA "42 sec SNSD song singing part"

On today SBS 'Family outing" broadcast, Super Junior 'Heechul', SNSD 'YoonA' and KARA' Nicole' had a competition of calculating how long of individual singing part in their own group songs.

In the end, each of them actual singing part was less than a minute, especially the first one (Heechul) who has participated this competition with high confidence was humiliated with only 39 sec of his own singing part which also happened to be the shortest. Second contestant is YoonA, she had performed 'ITNW, Girls' Generation, Kissing You, Gee, 'Oh!' & RDR' which total up only last for 42sec. Especially, YoonA only sing 'man ha go si puh ( want to say)' in Oh song lead to every one surprise with her short lyrics portion. Finally, KARA 'Nicole' obtained #1 place with her 45sec of individual singing part. 

Besides, the "FO2" members have prepared  a surprise birthday party for our lovely YoonA and each of them also has prepared small present to celebrate YoonA birthday. However, the one who has garnered most interest amongst of them is Taecyeon's birthday present for YoonA which is a necklace with 'Y' letter on it. Both of them keep the atmosphere even higher due to their scandal loveline.

YoonA cut part 1

YoonA cut part 2 (the singing part start around 2:10)