Saturday, June 26, 2010

Daily Interest[06.26.10]Tiffany revealed:" Seohyun singing 'Loner' during her shower"

Yongseo couple who just moved into their newly-wed house,Yonghwa's sister-in-laws Hyoyeon,Tiffany,Taeyeon came and visited.Tiffany shocking revealed "When Seohyun is showering, she will sing CN Blue 'Loner' ".
During the broadcast of MBC We Got Married on 26th June,the arrival of sister-in-laws make Yonghwa very nervous.
Tiffany then said "When Seohyun is showering,she will sing 'Loner' ", immediately Seohyun showed her nervousness,but still followed and sang a little bit.
Yonghwa then said "I also listened to SNSD 'Run Devil Run' when I'm showering".To this,during the interview,Seohyun could not comment anything about it,while Yonghwa said that he's proud of himself.
Hyoyeon continued "Seohyun used to praise Yonghwa oftenly,just like rapping,said that there's no burden and take good care of her,showing off that you are an oppa-like husband".

Part 1


Part2 (In this part it's really fun to watch the three sisters reaction to Yonghwa "Loner" song, they really cute & their expression really priceless..hohohoho^^)

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