Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Daily NEWS [06.08.10] YoonA's charity items ^^

SNSD 'YoonA' star hand mold has showed huge popularity among the 'charity items' auction organized by SportSeoul '25 Anniversary' on 7th June onwards.

The auction start from 7th June 10am, due to YoonA's explosive popularity these 2 hands mold auction price have been bid until 77,000 won and 70,000won respectively on 8th June, 9am.
Everyone able to feel how popular YoonA is with these skyrocketing auction price which start from 1000won in the beginning. I wonder whether most of you still remember the last auction item (green color mini-skirt)  donated by Yoona has achieved  2.01 million won close bid price.

Besides YoonA hands mold, in this charity auction also have many other Kpop stars' hand mold like KARA, B.E.G, After school , 4 minutes and etc. All collected donation will be donated to the 'children charity organization' in Korea.

Here is few links of the charity done by the Girls in the past ^^