Thursday, June 10, 2010

Daily NEWS [06.11.10] Yuri, Sunny and HyunA bid farewell to G7 and Yuchiri on Invincible Youth

SNSD Yuri, Sunny and 4Minute HyunA will say goodbye to JeongDeun YuChiRi after 8 months.

On KBS Invincible Youth to be aired on 11th June, the girls say goodbye to G7 and the YuRiChi villagers. The girls prepared food personally for the villagers whom they have built affections with all this while, and tears were seen when they said their goodbyes on the show.

Especially for Sunny, she had present the vinegar made by her mother and said, “This will take over my empty place here.” As for youngest member HyunA, she had gone around doing her farewell greetings to every single staff member, and was seen reluctant to leave. Yuri had tried hard to show her bright features and hold back the tears during their last appearance on the show.

One of the G7 members who cried the most was HyoMin. She has become very close with Sunny after the show, and during this episode she had written a letter to Sunny to tell her how she had felt.

The 3 girls will say a temporary goodbye as it will be unable for them to continue the show with their overseas promotions, but they promised that they will return on the show some day.

The show is set to air on 11th June at 11.05pm.

Source: Newsen
Translation credit to sookyeong@kbites