Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Daily NEWS [06.30.10] Taeyeon chosen as " the most anticipated variety show idol" !

Netizens had chosen SNSD Taeyeon as the most talented idol among the other idols.
Community Photo Site revealed the results of a survey on "Among variety emcees,whose the most talented idol?",which was taken between 22nd to 29th June,and the results showed that netizens had chosen Taeyeon as the one.

In the total of 29,151 votes,Taeyeon received 8,319 votes (28.5%).When she's DJ-ing Chinchin, her humorous and gentle nature had captured a lot of fans' interest. At the same time, Chinchin audience rating ranking had claimed the top ranking,and currently Taeyeon also appeared in Winwin as sub-emcee together with Wooyoung.
While Boys group Super Junior LeeTeuk received 7,103 votes (24.4%) and claimed the 2nd place.Through radio program and variety shows,LeeTeuk already had the foundation,with a sense of humility,literary talent and calm expression,he had received a lot of love from fans.Recently, he's the host for SBS Strong heart "TeukAcademy".
Followed by that is boys group SHINee Minho who received 3,879 votes (13.3%).He is born to be an athletic,starred in "Dream Team" and "Star King",he had the sense of variety which might be able to embarrassed Kang Ho Dong from time to time.
Coincidentally,the top 3 idols Taeyeon,LeeTeuk and Minho are all from SM Entertainment.In addition,2PM Wooyoung and Kara 'Goo Hara' are also in the finalist.

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