Monday, June 28, 2010

Daily news[06.28.10] SNSD endorsed Domino pizza CF ^^

Domino pizza had chosen the refreshing and  lively popular girls group SNSD as their 1st season CF models.
Domino pizza recently had a survey with their customers on which CF models left deep impression to them,and results showed that SNSD got the most vote from the customers regardless of age range.Customers think that SNSD not only have capability and lively image,moreover they have neighborhood like charms, so Domino pizza decided to choose SNSD as their CF models.

Domino pizza marketing leader said,"Our company is a refreshing and young brand, healthy and fresh image of SNSD just perfectly fit with our company brand image, so we had decided to choose them as our CF models. Whether is male,female,old or young,all of them have good impression on SNSD,so we hope that Domino pizza can make use of this advertisement to gain more popularity".
SNSD will based on "dilgently cooking" as the main theme of the advertisement,and the CF is planned to be broadcast on TV during July.

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