Thursday, July 29, 2010

Daily Pictures [07.29.10] SNSD new SPAO promotional pictures

Recently, SPAO had released a few more promotion photos of SNSD and the girls showing their Goddess body line were best fitted with SPAO collection clothes. Love it or not ^^.
Go to below for more photos;

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                                                     Goddess Pose ^^~~~~~~~

Daily News [07.29.10] Kind soul,SNSD!

Today,the Korea prosecution investigated 92 suspects who are involved in spreading the photoshop nude photos of popular girls group Girls Generation,and because of the pleading letter from SNSD, all these suspects were removed as criminals.
On the 29th July,the prosecutor had caught a suspect (18 years old) and others,total of 92 suspects,and all of them were charged for creating and photoshop nude photos (also known as "No right of public prosecution") of SNSD.
The reason why the prosecutor gave them light punishment were due to SNSD's Yuri,Taeyeon,Tiffany and other members had thought about the future of all these suspects,so they wrote a pleading letter and hope that the prosecutor can be lenient towards it.
The prosecutor then judged among these 92 suspects, 75 of them are still teenagers,and the rest are also first time committed crime,so he judged them as "No right of public prosecution" action.
SM entertainment actually discovered all these nude photos during May,and it created dismay and great loss/damage to the company benefit,so they eventually reported it to the police.The police then transferred it to the prosecutor during June due to some reasons.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Daily News [07.28.10] 4Minute, KARA, Big Bang and So Nyeo Shi Dae – August is the month of Japanese activities for Korean idols

Korean idols will heat up the Japanese music scene.
This August, several Korean idol teams will be releasing their albums in Japan and start their Japanese activities.
First we have 4Minute, they will be releasing their new single ‘IMMM’ on 28th July. The girls have headed over to Japan on 27th July. Already earlier in May, the girls released their debut Japanese single ‘Muzik’ and the single went up to the TOP 20 chart on Oricon.
Next will be KARA having their official Japanese debut on 11th August. The MV to their Japanese debut song ‘Mister’ was released on 28th July, and they have flown to Japan on the same day to Japan to prepare for their activities for the song. Currently the song is already moving up fast on Oricon charts.
Male idol group Big Bang will be releasing a new single ‘Beautiful Hangover’ on 25th August. After Dong Bang Shin Ki, Big Bang is said to be the next Korean newcomer singers to look out for debuting in Japan. They did an open concert on 26th July with the attendance of 8000 fans.
Also, there is So Nyeo Shi Dae who will be debuting in Japan with a showcase to be held in late August. And following the showcase, they will be releasing a debut single in September. There has been great interests on the group’s debut in Japan.
This August, we will be seeing more Korean singers in the Japanese music scene. And there are many speculations as to who will do better in the market. An entertainment management company representative said, “Regarding who will do better, it is not important. It is important for the Korean idols to throw away the competitiveness. Because currently in the Japanese music market, it is not about just liking one team but liking Kpop as a whole. It is not about just liking So Nyeo Shi Dae or just KARA, but rather ‘liking So Nyeo SHi Dae, KARA and 4Minute.’”
“It is not about who will do better, but it is about whether the Korean idols as a whole will be able to capture the Japanese music market.”
Translation credit to sookyeong@kbite

Monday, July 26, 2010

Daily News[07.25.10] SNSD, KARA Japan debut,receiving the most attentions girls group!

Japan TV broadcast show commented about the 2 popular girls group that had entered the entertainment industry of Japan and they had received great response.
During the broadcast of "Sukkiri", Japan famous broadcast of personal agency NTV(Nippon Television) commented:" Recently the focus of the shows are all on the Korean groups that are going to debut in Japan during August,especially girls group,all these popular girls group had received a lot of great response and praising.
On this particular show,an expert in the entertainment industry talked about SNSD,who are going to have their first showcase in Japan on August,and specially introduced the songs and characteristics of the girls. And he also  praised "SNSD's level is definitely extraordinary!". Another girls group that are being mentioned is KARA,and the other one who's a specialist on Korean idol groups commented: "KARA will be also attracted much attention!",because KARA are able to show their lovely temperament and intimacy.
Upon seeing that the girls group that debut in Japan had received such a great response and comments,there's a high hope that Korean entertainment industry will get to work well with the Japan.

A representative from Japan entertainment industry said that Korean girls group are attracting much attentions. A good example will be 4minute,that had debut in Japan during May.They told the reporter that "Korean idol groups have high capability on singing" and "all these evaluations are given by the public".
In places like Tower record, HMV,there's also a corner that specially sells KPOP stuffs,which shows how important Korean idol groups are in Japan entertainment market nowadays.Whether the idol groups had already entered or just enter the Japan entertainment industry,all of them are receiving great response.
Just like 4minute,they had already dominated the important place in 3 major markets. On 11th August,KARA Japanese version "MR" will be released.From next month onwards, full MV version of KARA "MR" will be showed on LED banners,and promotions will be carried out by banner and advertisement bus. SNSD will also be having their 1st showcase in Japan on August.
A person related to the entertainment industry in Japan said: "BOA,then to DBSK, all these Korean idols had performed well and received much love and attentions in Japan entertainment industry".He then continued "For the public in Japan,the appearance of Korean idols will definitely bring another success for Japan entertainment industry".

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Daily Interest [07.16.10] YoonA's face similarity?

The similarity of   Yoona's face similarity with a Hongkong actress had once again became a hot topic among netizens and fans.
Recently on a internet forum,there's a topic: "Yoona had acted in a movie with Bruce Lee?",and there's even pictures and videos about how similar it is.
The Hongkong actress is Nora Miao ,currently 58 years old.She's a popular Hongkong actress.She's born in Taiwan,,she had participaed a lot of movies together with famous martial arts actor Bruce Lee back then, and all these are well known.
In the video(The way of the dragon),there's a scene whereby it show the long hair actress,Nora Miao ,and compared to current Yoona,it's almost alike and it eventually shocked the netizens.
Netizens commented:"Wow~ They really look alike.I got shocked about it." "Not only the appearance,even the hand movements,body figure and etc are also alike".

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Daily Video [07.15.10] Goddess YoonA new innisfree CF

Here is another  new Innisfree CF which YoonA has been endorsed since sometime ago. Today, Innisfree has released the new CF of their latest product 'Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask' with YoonA .  Now everyone will know our Goddess YoonA's secret of being pretty like her with good healthy skin ^^.

video credit to iimchoding

And here is another pic for all of you ~~~~ ^^

Daily Interest [07.14.10] Seohyun " the No.1 singer who most suitable to become lawyer "

Popular Girls Group SNSD Seohyun crowned No.1 in a survey about "The  singer who most suitable to become a lawyer".
During the survey on the 6th to 12th July which held by Box music, Seohyun managed to stand out.
Narsha (BEG),Son Dam Bi,Top(BigBang),Choi Siwon (Super Junior) and various artists. Seohyun who received 1007 votes(61%) out of 1652votes,  and crowned the 1st place.Followed by Seohyun is Choi Siwon who received 336 votes(21%), showed a considerable gap between No.1 Seohyun.
Most netizens commented :"Through broadcasts, Seohyun seems to be the one whomost suitable to become a lawyer" "She totally respect the spirit of the law and usually read a lot of books" and various comments and reasons for choosing Seohyun as the one.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Daily NEWS [07.05.10] Sunny reunion with G7!

Sunny already withdrawn from "Invincible Youth" as G7 members recently , but Sunny reunite with her  Invincible Youth members in Japan days ago for special episode filming !
Started from 29th June, Sunny together with the other 'Invincible Youth' members participated the recording of "Invincible Youth" in  
Biei village (美瑛村)Hokkaido, Japan  to experience Japan advanced agricultural lifestyle.
Since the recording on the 19th May, where Sunny,Yuri and Hyunah stopped 'Invincible Youth' filming, but just after 40days,Narsha,Hara,Seonhwa,Hyomin(the old G7 members) finally get a reunion again.
The production team expressed, Hyomin who had a special friendship with Sunny, she teared once again with Sunny appearance.In' Invincible Youth' , Hyomin had actually received a lot of help and advice from Sunny throughout 'IY' filming whereby Sunny was still in G7. During Sunny last day recording ,Hyomin teared up because of Sunny soon departure.
Besides, the reason why Sunny participated "Invincible Youth" Japan recording due to the fans in Japan are very concern about SNSD Japan debut,and looking forward to Sunny visit.
The PD of "Invincible Youth" added:"Those members that who has withdrawn (Yuri,Sunny,Hyunah) from 'IY', it doesn't mean that they have left  'Invincible Youth forever","and we together with the other members in Invincible Youth,we will always enjoy the happy times".
During this trip to  Biei village (美瑛村)Hokkaido, Japan、 the members will get to learn and experience Japan advanced agricultural methods, and also get the chance to enjoy open-air hot spring and so on.
In addition, they will also be organize a small 'IY' fans reunion concert. This episode of Invincible Youth will be broadcast on 16th and 23rd July.

Extra pic
Biei village (美瑛村)really is a superb beautiful village in Hokkaido ^^

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Daily Video [07.05.10] YoonA:" I rarely has a chance to ride train since debut"

Yoona first time having a rides on  railway train since debut.
On 4th July broadcast of "family outing 2", each member have to finds a partner out of 9 "FO2" member for a mission  and the last person who fails to do so will get punishment eventually. Hence, the members were in total chaos condition while looking for a partner in order to form a team.
Although YoonA has received an invitation from Taecyeon but she rejected it instead she's giving a call to Gag man 'Jang Dong-min'. Jang Dong-min oppa answered the call and promised to YoonA's invitation immediately, but Taecyeon has pulling some tricks on Jang Dong-min by saying:" YoonA already promised to go together with me ", then he continued to trick YoonA saying that:" Jong Dong min already go together with Shin Bong Sun unnie". Taecyeon has managed to trick both of them successfully.
Then YoonA went to buy a ticket but she has forgot how to operate the machine, luckily Yoona has managed bought a ticket with the help of a great lady. Yoona revealed that:" when I'm still a trainee i used to rides the train everyday but after debut I rarely has a chance ride it again".
OK~~ let watch this exciting episode ~~~

videos credit to diodanooo

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Daily Interest [07.03.10] Heechul:" SNSD 'Yuri' is the best beauty of chocolate colour complexion"

 On 3th July, Heechul has released a photos of which taken together Yuri on his Twitter account showing his close relationship with the lovely SNSD again.
Heechul wrote:" Who's the best chocolate colour beauty?" "who has 99.9% cocoa charming spreading  on the stage, and also showing pure image chocolate milk like beauty on variety show."
Witty Heechul also wrote:" these messages still waiting confirmation from the girl (Yuri)".