Friday, July 16, 2010

Daily Interest [07.16.10] YoonA's face similarity?

The similarity of   Yoona's face similarity with a Hongkong actress had once again became a hot topic among netizens and fans.
Recently on a internet forum,there's a topic: "Yoona had acted in a movie with Bruce Lee?",and there's even pictures and videos about how similar it is.
The Hongkong actress is Nora Miao ,currently 58 years old.She's a popular Hongkong actress.She's born in Taiwan,,she had participaed a lot of movies together with famous martial arts actor Bruce Lee back then, and all these are well known.
In the video(The way of the dragon),there's a scene whereby it show the long hair actress,Nora Miao ,and compared to current Yoona,it's almost alike and it eventually shocked the netizens.
Netizens commented:"Wow~ They really look alike.I got shocked about it." "Not only the appearance,even the hand movements,body figure and etc are also alike".

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