Monday, July 5, 2010

Daily NEWS [07.05.10] Sunny reunion with G7!

Sunny already withdrawn from "Invincible Youth" as G7 members recently , but Sunny reunite with her  Invincible Youth members in Japan days ago for special episode filming !
Started from 29th June, Sunny together with the other 'Invincible Youth' members participated the recording of "Invincible Youth" in  
Biei village (美瑛村)Hokkaido, Japan  to experience Japan advanced agricultural lifestyle.
Since the recording on the 19th May, where Sunny,Yuri and Hyunah stopped 'Invincible Youth' filming, but just after 40days,Narsha,Hara,Seonhwa,Hyomin(the old G7 members) finally get a reunion again.
The production team expressed, Hyomin who had a special friendship with Sunny, she teared once again with Sunny appearance.In' Invincible Youth' , Hyomin had actually received a lot of help and advice from Sunny throughout 'IY' filming whereby Sunny was still in G7. During Sunny last day recording ,Hyomin teared up because of Sunny soon departure.
Besides, the reason why Sunny participated "Invincible Youth" Japan recording due to the fans in Japan are very concern about SNSD Japan debut,and looking forward to Sunny visit.
The PD of "Invincible Youth" added:"Those members that who has withdrawn (Yuri,Sunny,Hyunah) from 'IY', it doesn't mean that they have left  'Invincible Youth forever","and we together with the other members in Invincible Youth,we will always enjoy the happy times".
During this trip to  Biei village (美瑛村)Hokkaido, Japan、 the members will get to learn and experience Japan advanced agricultural methods, and also get the chance to enjoy open-air hot spring and so on.
In addition, they will also be organize a small 'IY' fans reunion concert. This episode of Invincible Youth will be broadcast on 16th and 23rd July.

Extra pic
Biei village (美瑛村)really is a superb beautiful village in Hokkaido ^^

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