Monday, July 26, 2010

Daily News[07.25.10] SNSD, KARA Japan debut,receiving the most attentions girls group!

Japan TV broadcast show commented about the 2 popular girls group that had entered the entertainment industry of Japan and they had received great response.
During the broadcast of "Sukkiri", Japan famous broadcast of personal agency NTV(Nippon Television) commented:" Recently the focus of the shows are all on the Korean groups that are going to debut in Japan during August,especially girls group,all these popular girls group had received a lot of great response and praising.
On this particular show,an expert in the entertainment industry talked about SNSD,who are going to have their first showcase in Japan on August,and specially introduced the songs and characteristics of the girls. And he also  praised "SNSD's level is definitely extraordinary!". Another girls group that are being mentioned is KARA,and the other one who's a specialist on Korean idol groups commented: "KARA will be also attracted much attention!",because KARA are able to show their lovely temperament and intimacy.
Upon seeing that the girls group that debut in Japan had received such a great response and comments,there's a high hope that Korean entertainment industry will get to work well with the Japan.

A representative from Japan entertainment industry said that Korean girls group are attracting much attentions. A good example will be 4minute,that had debut in Japan during May.They told the reporter that "Korean idol groups have high capability on singing" and "all these evaluations are given by the public".
In places like Tower record, HMV,there's also a corner that specially sells KPOP stuffs,which shows how important Korean idol groups are in Japan entertainment market nowadays.Whether the idol groups had already entered or just enter the Japan entertainment industry,all of them are receiving great response.
Just like 4minute,they had already dominated the important place in 3 major markets. On 11th August,KARA Japanese version "MR" will be released.From next month onwards, full MV version of KARA "MR" will be showed on LED banners,and promotions will be carried out by banner and advertisement bus. SNSD will also be having their 1st showcase in Japan on August.
A person related to the entertainment industry in Japan said: "BOA,then to DBSK, all these Korean idols had performed well and received much love and attentions in Japan entertainment industry".He then continued "For the public in Japan,the appearance of Korean idols will definitely bring another success for Japan entertainment industry".

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