Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Daily Pictures [08.31.10] SNSD latest SPAO pictures &other

The immense heat still surrounded in Seoul while the fashion industry  has moved on to next season collection and SPAO collection released new line-up of their next season clothes recently. Of course, the models is our pretty 9- Angels 'So Nyuh Shi Dae' ^^. Let take a look now.

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                                Here are some SPAO screensavers for you ^^

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Besides, yesterday (30th August) Taeyeon & Seohyun have made appearance for their first dubbed movie (Super Bad) press conference  at the CGV in Seoul. Taeyeon artiste spec-looks  and light make-up absolutely gorgeous ^^ . Love it or not ~~

Super Bad images credit to sosiz &

Lastly, we're aware of our cute maknae 'Seohyun' already is Yong's ~~~ wife ^^, but can you imagine how Seohyun look like if she wore wedding dress, now you got the chance to see Seohyun in TRAX latest single  called 'Oh~~ My Goddess' ^^, really suits our cute, innocent  maknae ^^. She looks really like an angel in these pictures, loving it ~~~ ^^. Go below for the pictures & teaser now;

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Daily News [08.29.10] 'So NYuh Shi Dae' s thoughts of after Japan Debut {Japan & Korean Fans differences are Cosplay)

'So Nyuh Shi Dae' s thoughts of after Japan Debut  {Japan & Korean Fans differences are Costume Play)

Korea Girls Idol group (SNSD) were appeared in KBS program on 28th after their debut showcase in Japan, Tokyo Ariake Coliseum which held on 25th.
They talked and shared their thoughts of  Japan debut mini concert.

Meanwhile, Korea media was discussing regards to the successful debut of 'So Nyuh Shi Dae' in Japan. During the programme, they have analyzed and discovered that the reason of SNSD has garnered much attention is" 'the various charming possessed by 9 members group (SNSD).

This mini-concert has gathered around 22000 people in 3 times of performances a day. On the records of Hallyu(Korean) Star s' debut mini-concert, this was one of the biggest stage which have ever been done.
Regards to this, SNSD expressed:" we never thought  there were so many of Japanese fans would have come in first place. We are so touched to see they were  able to memorise and mimic all the Korean lyrics and even dance chereographys.

Also they being asked what is the different between Japanese Fans & Korean Fans , replied:" before the performance, the Japanese fans were seen in long queue, and also some groups wore cos-play of our stage outfits. This was never been seen before on Korean fans, that was really rare". SNSD members mentioned their ambition was:" Now they will concentrate on Japan, hope to visit and convey their music to many people around in Japan.

On SNSD started as role, many Korean Girl group have started to advance into Japan, and Korean media also pay attention into it with series cover of the news on several days consecutively. Now the Korea national girl group 'SNSD' also had advanced into Japan, and start to stimulate again the Hallyu boom which had stopped for a while since DBSK & BOA.

Besides, SNSD has enjoyed huge popularity among Japanese netizens, Korean media has covered a news saying that the explosive populairy of SNSD might surpass Japanese Girl group'AKB48'.
SNSD will be also performed in LA 'SMTOWN LIVE' 10 World Tour in LA' which to be held on coming 4th September.

video credit to Ihope9 & TheShiOH2

Source: 少女時代、日本初のコンサート後に感想「日韓のファンの違いはコスプレ」
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Daily Video [08.26.10] SNSD 'Genie' remix ^^

Well, how was the Japanese version MV of 'Genie' ^^ ? Which version do you think is better ^^, i think it's must be hard for S♡NE to choose because the girls always showed their very best to every of it.
Now the legendary Codemonmon has come up with a remix version of Korean & Japanese 'Genie' MV, the remixed MV really good and smooth in every transition between two languages. One of my favorite part was TIffany 'DJ, Put it back on' which start with Korean version then turn into Japanese version part then you hear the background bass sound fading out gradually in the black~~ really cool ^^.   Indeed another awesome job from Codemonmon , and proves that he/she still is the best in video industry and a superb S♡NE^^.
Let roll to watch  it now ~~~

video credit to CodeMonmonSeason3

Thanks to everyone who always showed their support to this blogs , Kamsahamnida ~~~~~ ^___^

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Daily videos [26.08.10] SNSD Japanese full version of "Tell me your wish" finally revealed!!!

Yes,is long waiting indeed..
Now, SNSD full Japanese version of "Tell me your wish" finally revealed!!!
It's quite different from the Korean version of "Tell me your wish".Based on the flow of the song, Korean version seems to be better.But compared to the Korean version,the mv of the Japanese version "Tell me your wish" seems to be better.
And SNSD just ended their showcase yesterday, and made their Japan debut a success one!Glad to know that Tiffany,who's ankle was injured during SMTOWN'10 concert, had joined the girls performing in the showcase!
Congrats to the girls ^^
And for your information, SNSD together with Big Bang, Infinite, SHINee, FT island, and another group not yet reveal, will be participating in the Korean Pop Night Concert in Singapore on the 23rd October!So SG SONES,prepare everything you need for it!
Well, now let's enjoy the full Japanese version of "Tell me your wish"!

video credit to jeffrey731

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Daily Interest [08.25.10] SNSD Japanese version 'Genie' sneak peek~~~~

Finally here is sneak peek of SNSD Japanese version of 'Genie'. And the girls' singing and pronunciation are better than expected  which even some Japanese friends of mine mentioned that ^^.  It's really set my heart on fire again and can't wait to the full release of this song in coming September.

Besides, Tiffany's legs was spotted wrapped with bandage on it in Japan according to the fans that Tiffany had suffered injury during SM Town Live performance ><. However, she will still follow with the girls to Japan for the showcases and coming promotional activities in Japan. Let hope Tiffany get well soon and SNSD daebak in Japan.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Daily videos[20.08.10]SNSD released teaser for Japanese version of "Tell me your wish"!

I'm sure all of you are excited of their debut in Japan right?
The universal music Japan today released SNSD Japanese version of "Tell me your wish"!
From the teaser, you can see that the mv for the Japanese version will be slightly different as compared to the Korean version.
Instead of having only the girls playing around at the start of the MV, this time round there's a guy appearing at the start of the MV!
And this time round the girls seems to be on a carnival concept instead of marine!
Not to reveal too much on how the teaser will be for the Japanese version of "Tell me your wish", here's the teaser video to let you guys get excited and enjoy!

Japanese version of "Tell me your wish"

video credit:Taeng021 and universalmusicjapan

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Daily interest [25.10.10] SNSD "HOOT" audio version released!!!

Today, SNSD "HOOT" audio was revealed!!!
Catchy! Addictive! Awesome!
After releasing a teaser video on 24thOct, the next day, the audio of "HOOT" was released!
The album will be release on 27thOct,and maybe the MV of "HOOT" will also be release on the same day.Followed by their first comeback with "HOOT" on 29thOct Music Bank!
I will not say much,and let the music light up your day!
Here's the audio of "HOOT"! It's in LowQuality though, but it still doesnt spoilt the 9 cowgirls' voices ^^

video credit to:udaman0916

So after listening to it,how was it?? Is just like what I had described with 3 words??
Are all of you being shoot down by the girls??!! ^^
SONES, please give your support to the girls by buying their 3rd mini album,"HOOT"!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Daily News [19.08.10] SNSD will have 3 addition showcases and 20000 people gathered!!!

Girls group SNSD first showcase for their Japan debut will have additional showcases, again attracted a lot of attentions from crowds.
On the 19th,SM entertainment said: In order to response to the love given by Japanese fans ,SNSD first showcase at Ariake Colosseum on the 25th will have 3 more additional showcases, and able to gather 20000 fans.
Usually when Korean artists are having their showcase in Japan,there's only a proportion of 2000 ~ 3000 people.This time,there's around 20000 people gather together for the showcase and it can say to be the largest showcase ever had in history.
SM commented: "The number of people who bought the Japan commemorate DVD had determined the large showcase,received discussion and fans attentions,additional showcases and the influence of gathering around 20000 people for this showcase,all these shows that SNSD can say to be Asia best Girls group!
When SNSD Japan debut commemorate DVD (Girl’s Generation Torai – Rainichi Kinenban – New Beginning Of Girls’ Generation) released on the 11th August,it reached #3 in Japan Oricon chart,#4 in Japan comprehensive music chart,can say to be the first korean girls group in history that had a shocking result of reaching top 5 in Japan comprehensive music chart just with the release of their first DVD.
SNSD will release the Japnese version of "Tell me your wish" on the 8th September,officially enter the Jpop market.
On the 20th,Youtube( will reveal the mv of "Tell me your wish".At the same time,the debut of SNSD in Japan had received alot of concern and attentions from fans in Korea,Japan and also other countries.
In addition,SNSD are currently preparing for their debut showcase in Japan on the 25th and also SMTOWN LIVE' 10 WORLD TOUR on the 21st.

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