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Daily News [08.29.10] 'So NYuh Shi Dae' s thoughts of after Japan Debut {Japan & Korean Fans differences are Cosplay)

'So Nyuh Shi Dae' s thoughts of after Japan Debut  {Japan & Korean Fans differences are Costume Play)

Korea Girls Idol group (SNSD) were appeared in KBS program on 28th after their debut showcase in Japan, Tokyo Ariake Coliseum which held on 25th.
They talked and shared their thoughts of  Japan debut mini concert.

Meanwhile, Korea media was discussing regards to the successful debut of 'So Nyuh Shi Dae' in Japan. During the programme, they have analyzed and discovered that the reason of SNSD has garnered much attention is" 'the various charming possessed by 9 members group (SNSD).

This mini-concert has gathered around 22000 people in 3 times of performances a day. On the records of Hallyu(Korean) Star s' debut mini-concert, this was one of the biggest stage which have ever been done.
Regards to this, SNSD expressed:" we never thought  there were so many of Japanese fans would have come in first place. We are so touched to see they were  able to memorise and mimic all the Korean lyrics and even dance chereographys.

Also they being asked what is the different between Japanese Fans & Korean Fans , replied:" before the performance, the Japanese fans were seen in long queue, and also some groups wore cos-play of our stage outfits. This was never been seen before on Korean fans, that was really rare". SNSD members mentioned their ambition was:" Now they will concentrate on Japan, hope to visit and convey their music to many people around in Japan.

On SNSD started as role, many Korean Girl group have started to advance into Japan, and Korean media also pay attention into it with series cover of the news on several days consecutively. Now the Korea national girl group 'SNSD' also had advanced into Japan, and start to stimulate again the Hallyu boom which had stopped for a while since DBSK & BOA.

Besides, SNSD has enjoyed huge popularity among Japanese netizens, Korean media has covered a news saying that the explosive populairy of SNSD might surpass Japanese Girl group'AKB48'.
SNSD will be also performed in LA 'SMTOWN LIVE' 10 World Tour in LA' which to be held on coming 4th September.

video credit to Ihope9 & TheShiOH2

Source: 少女時代、日本初のコンサート後に感想「日韓のファンの違いはコスプレ」
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