Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Daily News [19.08.10] SNSD will have 3 addition showcases and 20000 people gathered!!!

Girls group SNSD first showcase for their Japan debut will have additional showcases, again attracted a lot of attentions from crowds.
On the 19th,SM entertainment said: In order to response to the love given by Japanese fans ,SNSD first showcase at Ariake Colosseum on the 25th will have 3 more additional showcases, and able to gather 20000 fans.
Usually when Korean artists are having their showcase in Japan,there's only a proportion of 2000 ~ 3000 people.This time,there's around 20000 people gather together for the showcase and it can say to be the largest showcase ever had in history.
SM commented: "The number of people who bought the Japan commemorate DVD had determined the large showcase,received discussion and fans attentions,additional showcases and the influence of gathering around 20000 people for this showcase,all these shows that SNSD can say to be Asia best Girls group!
When SNSD Japan debut commemorate DVD (Girl’s Generation Torai – Rainichi Kinenban – New Beginning Of Girls’ Generation) released on the 11th August,it reached #3 in Japan Oricon chart,#4 in Japan comprehensive music chart,can say to be the first korean girls group in history that had a shocking result of reaching top 5 in Japan comprehensive music chart just with the release of their first DVD.
SNSD will release the Japnese version of "Tell me your wish" on the 8th September,officially enter the Jpop market.
On the 20th,Youtube( will reveal the mv of "Tell me your wish".At the same time,the debut of SNSD in Japan had received alot of concern and attentions from fans in Korea,Japan and also other countries.
In addition,SNSD are currently preparing for their debut showcase in Japan on the 25th and also SMTOWN LIVE' 10 WORLD TOUR on the 21st.

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