Friday, September 3, 2010

Daily News [09.03.10] Lightning is a daebak omen for SNSD?!!

During the release of SNSD Japanese single 'Genie', SNSD revealed that "Debuting in Japan is a success, and it seems that there's an omen before it", and described the whole process of how the lightning strike the aeroplane they were in while on their way to Japan.

On the 2nd Sept,SNSD set off to LA for the 'SMTOWN'10 Live Concert', and they were interviewed a short while in Incheon Airport while waiting for flight.They said during their trip to Japan on the plane, showcase and MV shooting, there's various "accident".
On the 22nd August,they set off to Japan for their showcase, but just not long after the plane set off,it was strike by lightning.

Before going to Japan,when they were filming their MV in some studio in Seoul,the equipment in the studio was also strike by lightning,thus causing the blackout several times.
On the 25th August Japan showcase,the girls were at the corridor waiting to get onto the stage,but the electricity suddenly goes blackout , and the surrounding were all dark.
Tiffany said: " Previously while we were on our way to Japan for showcase, the plane was strike by lightning, it was so scary.But we treat it as an omen that the showcase in Japan will be a daebak, so we work hard to present our very best".

Sooyoung added: " Just like what you had always seen in the movie,soon after they made an announce about it, you can hear the lightning strike the plane and the whole plane was unstable".
Taeyeon said: " We always experience blackout during MV shootings.This time round there's no exception for our MV shooting of the Japanese single MV,and previously  songs also received great response too".

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