Thursday, September 2, 2010

Daily Video [09.02.10] TRAX 'Oh, My Goddess' MV starring Seohyun has released

Still remember not too long ago, there's post mentioned that Seohyun  starring on TRAX latest single called 'Oh, My Goddess' MV , and has garnered much attention among fans due to few of Seohyun pure & really Goddess like teaser image of the MV are wildly spread amongst netizens.
Now the much anticiapted MV has been released on today, and I really can't take my eyes off from you, Seohyun ssi ,  a true Goddess indeed ^_________^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. 
Lastly, this song is very good  and TRAX really has done something much different this time compare to their previous songs. Love it ^^ ,  seohyun is the perfect girl to portray this role ^^~~~~~~

                      Ohhhhh~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seohyun 서현 ~ ♥ ^^ lovely~~~~~~~~~~~

video credit to sment

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