Sunday, September 12, 2010

Daily Video & Pictures [09.12.10] Jung Sister Rock~~~~~ ^^

Hi S♡NE, sorry for no updates recently due to I've been occupied with working & some unforeseen personal matter >_<. Now i might not be able to update as often as i did last time >_< but i will continue to write whenever i have time. Besides, some readers are curious whether i have stopped writing news in this site ( i must admit that thoughts did come across my mind several time) and eventually I've decided to continue writing and sharing every bits & thoughts about the girls here and as support to our 9 Angel who'll  soon be  taking over the world soon, hahahahhahah~~~~
Sorry for too much mumbling here ~~~ so let start sharing of today ^^

Still remember not long ago, during the SM Town live Jung Sister (Jessica {SNSD} & Krystal f(x)) has collaborated to perform a Kesha's hit song 'Tik Tok' on stage and have been garnered much attention amongst the fans as well as various compliments ^^ .

After the well received SNSD 'Genie' Japanese&Korean remixednow Codemonmon are here again to show us another awesome video (fancam remixed) with his amazing video editing skill and also the audio quality has been improved which made this video sound better live.

After watched this live performance, the Jung Sister are definitely one of the most anticipated singers in my collection if they debut as group ^__^.  You can see both of them have distinct style, clear vocal and attitude  as well.  Furthermore, Jessica really has effect on everyone and also she looks absolutely gorgeous with this outfit .So which version you likes better, for S♡NE i think the choice is easy ^^.
Tik Tok on the clock, let the video begin and tonight imma watch till the morning sunlight ^__^ ~~~

video credit to CodeMonmonSeason3

Here are the girls  'Genie' broadcast performance at Odaiba Fuji televsion, Tokyo. Love the Japanese 'Genie' version day by day, and the girls' performance are really Jjang as always, Girls' Power ~~~~

video credit to RECENT COMMENT

Side sharing, below here are a few  photos of Odaiba taken during my business trip in Tokyo last year that  i would like to share with you, enjoys~~

1) i think this picture must be familiar to you after you watched girls' performance at Odaiba ^^

2) These beautiful LED colors places was a really nice place to hang out with at night ^^. A lot of nice drinking places as well as 可愛い (cute) Japanese girls ^^.

3) Here come one of the most popular place in Tokyo sightseeing list, the Rainbow Bridge (虹の橋)。
The Rainbow bridge actually is a suspension bridge which link between Shibaura Pier and the Odaiba waterfront in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. This place is dating paradise for couple and also great place for one day trip as there's a lot of sightseeing spot nearby around here. Be sure to pay a visit if you happen to visit Tokyo. ^^

A few more~~
OK~~ That's all, hope you like these photos ~~~ until next time then^^

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