Thursday, October 7, 2010

Daily Interest [10.07.10] SNSD daum search screensaver ^___^

                                9 Angels' KISSES~~~~~~ Who can resist it ~~~ HOHOHO ^^

Hi S♡NE, here is another must have SNSD collection  for all of you~~~
As we knew that Korean daum search has appointed our Girls (SNSD) as their spokesperson and had  released a few snapshots of  the girls somedays ago which had garnered much attentions from the fans .  
Yesterday, the daum search continue the hype and they had  released some high quality screensaver which featured our 9 Angels ~~~ ^^. It  really is great screensaver so i would like to share you at here.
Here is the link ~~ SNSD daum screensaver: (window ver) / (Mac ver)

And here are some of the snapshots; (click to view larger image)

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