Saturday, October 9, 2010

Daily Interest [10.09.10] Gogoma couple love!!! (eng sub videos added)

This is Seohyun's 1st time planning for an event, and the reason for her to plan an event is her make-believe husband Yonghwa.

On 9th October at 5.15pm,MBC "We Got Married" was broadcasted --- '2 rows of sweet potatoes land,the reward is' ? After planted the sweet potatoes,Yongseo couple were able to relax themselves and spending time for fishing. Seohyun mentioned that husband Yonghwa's birthday already passed for about 1 week, so she won't express anything. However the truth is, she had prepared the birthday present for the whole day.

Earlier this before, husband Yonghwa had prepared a huge surprise and gifts for Seohyun, thus she's not confident to give him the present she had prepared. It was Seohyun's 1st time planning an event,when and how will it be? Seohyun who can't hide her shyness, so she used her intelligence and begin her surprise event.
After received his present,whats the question that Seohyun had deep inside her heart about the lyrics and melody of Yonghwa's self-compose song "Love Light"? Whats the secret of the song lyrics and melody? What will happen after that? It will reveal on today 'WGM'...^^

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(Episode 27 added, Sweet Potatoes couple love)

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