Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Daily Interest [10.13.10] SNSD Jessica's "Sweet Delight" finally released!

As our previous post about Jessica's "flawless honey skin" which Jessica had been recording a CF song "Sweet Delight", and was told that the CF song will be release on 13th Oct, so we hereby shared some "sweet things" with you guys!
Yes,today is 13th Oct,the sweetest day ever.Because SNSD Jessica's CF song "Sweet Delight" was finally released! Having an upbeat and addictive rhythm, it totally brings out Jessica's sweet voice~
So we shall not reveal much about it, let you guys also enjoy some sweetness~ ^^

video credit to iHoneydew

iHoneydew also had other versions of "Sweet Delight" uploaded on his youtube channel, so here's the link 

So after listening to it,how you guys feel?Are you guys start melting now? Sweet Sweet Love~ Jessica's voice is really sweet yea! And I'm sure when you are listening to it, your day will be full with sweetness ^^ Listen to it at night,you will have a sweet night,sweet dream!

Lastly, here are sets of our angels latest pics 'Rosebullet'

BONUS~~~ ^_________^

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