Monday, October 18, 2010

Daily interest [10.18.10] Hallyu virus is striking across Asia!!!

Hallyu virus is slowly spreading around the world! Because of Hallyu waves great influence, the fans start to imitate idol dances, making cover of idol songs, re-arrange idols' original music into various version  &  genre.

Guitar and piano are usually use to re-arrange musics and performed.However, hereby we have something interesting to share with you guys!
Searching around youtube, we had found out that some orchestra from other countries are also into Hallyu waves and had re-arrange and performed various KPOP songs like Gee, Lucifer, Shock, 2 different tears and more!

Singapore Nanyang Polytechnic Chinese Orchestra is one of these few orchestra that had perfomed Korean medley.They performed various KPOP idols song like, SNSD Gee, Super Junior Bonamana, Wonder Girls 2 Different Tears, BEAST Shock and more! It really is an interesting performance.

Besides, we've also searched and compiled other Kpop song arranged in Orchestra style which we think something quite cool and would like to share with you here. 
Remember to share with us which one you like it better ^^ ~~~ Let's watch it now

Kpop songs medley 

video credit to NYPChineseOrchestra

video credit to TheSoneSource13

Naengmyun >>> This is truly one of the best arrangement i'ever heard of. Big applause to Ewha Girls High school ^__^. Simple love this arrangement ^^ naengmyun~~ naengmyun,, geuraego neo saranghae ^^

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video credit to EwhaArs

Tell me (Wonder Girls)
video credit to k2bbbb 


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