Sunday, October 17, 2010

Daily Interest [10.18.10] SNSD new mini album ????

Annyeong Haseyo everyone~~~
Today, our Girls official official SM website 'girlsgeneration.SMtown' had released a new teaser flash set which seem like a teaser for our girls new mini-album.  The flash teaser require you shoot on the dart board different segment to reveal the hints ^^. Try it out yourself~~~ before you proceed to below (Link)

From the pictures below, it can be tell that our girls new mini-album image will be similar to cowgirl fashion and retro style. This is really interesting indeed, our 9 Angels will be transformed into cowgirls to try to tame anymore wild beasts which still left in vast plain out-there. Also now I've realized why TIffany hair has dyed into bronde color, she is gorgeous ~~~~
Can't wait to the see more teasers & official release of this album ^^. 
GO undercut for more pics ~~


 Pictures credit to Sment
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