Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Daily Interest [10.19.10] SNSD new mini album 'Hoot'

Since the release of the flash teaser of SNSD new mini-album 'Hoot' at SMent website, many fans were  extremely excited over this great news. Today, SMent had  revealed 3 more photos  which are consist of the famous danshin trio ^^ (Taeyeon, Sunny & Hyoyeon) and a longer audio clips to tease us. Although this method was old, but I've to admit it was effective to us > < , just make us more excited and anticipated to the release of this album 'Hoot' which scheduled to be released on 27th OCT. 
Didn't expected it will release so soon though with consideration of they still need to continue their promotion activities of Japanese version 'Gee' on 20th Oct in Japan. If it were the case, they need to travel back and forth  between Japan & Korea > <. Hope they able to cope with it and be healthy. 
Here are the pics & audio clips

video credit to aslotussmusic

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