Thursday, October 28, 2010

Daily Interest [10.29.10] Jessica '100 types of killing aegyo~~~ ^^'

SNSD Ice Princess Jessica's "killer ageyo" had become a hot topic recently.
Nowadays,the picture of Jessica's various aegyo had been spreading around the internet and eventually attracted the netizens' attention.
Named as "100types of Jessica's killer ageyo" videos and pictures which recorded down Ice Princess Jessica's ever-changing looks and gestures are now spreading rapidly across internet.
The Special ones,delicacy ones,pure ones,sexy looks, looking at Jessica's natural photos,it makes people naturally smiles from the bottom of their heart, had become a hot topic.
After looking at these photos,netizens and fans commented: "Jessica's ageyo become more fascinated and captivated people heart","Face,body figure,ageyo,perfect!", "Jesscia's killer aegyo eventually is a daebak!","Highest level of killer's ageyo" and more hot response.
On the other hand, Jessica had been participated on the recording of her single,"Sweet Delight",which was written by WheeSung,had attracted lots of attentions.

More lovely Jessica ~~~^^

Lastly, as you all know that the Girls was appointed as G20 summit ambassador recently~~~ ^^,  here is a short video of Lovely Jessica in action~~Love her~~~~~~~~~~~~

video credit to  jinhyunwoo1

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