Friday, October 1, 2010

Daily News [10.01.10] SNSD dance choreography guide drawing

Due to the video about the Japanese high school student had imitated SNSD dance and it has been uploaded up on internet, hence one of the Japanese magazine drafted out the dance choreography guide of SNSD popular songs "Gee" and "Oh!" .
The members of the magazine drafted out these songs dance choreography, and also increasing the overall cuteness of the song.
The fans had scanned these pictures out from the magazine and uploaded up on various community websites, which eventually led to lots of attentions to this magazine.
A lot of people felt very proud about "KPOP girls group" SNSD craze in Japan.
Some even commented : "SNSD popularity amongst overseas are just as hot as in Korea!" "The next step, they might even wrote a book of study about SNSD".

(Clearer picture added ^^)

Pictures credit to NTN
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