Thursday, October 7, 2010

Daily News [10.07.10] Seohyun has chosen as No.1 celebrity that have cute chubby face!

At a portal side "dish in site", a survey "Celebrity that have cute chubby face" was held from 28 September ~ 5th October,and SNSD's Seohyun was voted and rewarded the first place. 
Seohyun had received 31.3% of votes,which is also equals to out of 9426votes, Seohyun had gained 2951votes.From here,we can see that a healthy image and chubby face is also a charm of SNSD maknae Seohyun.

In addition, 2nd place was Wondergirls Sohee who had 11.3% of votes, 3rd place was IU who had 7votes lesser than Sohee,follwed by Bom(2NE1), Shin Min Ah(actress),and so on..
Moreover,market research Neobob did a research about [Female celebrity that have the most advertising effectiveness] on 751people from 7th September ~ 1st October, and SNSD was voted the 1st place(59.7%%).Lee Hyori was rewarded 2nd place (29.1%),3rd place was Shin Min Ah(13.8%).It seems like SNSD is now the favor for
experts in the consumer market-sensitive.
Although SNSD are now busying with their  promotional activities in Japan, but their popularity are still goes on!

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