Friday, October 8, 2010

Daily News [10.08.10] SNSD 'daum screensaver' has become popular product!

SNSD Daum screensaver had released recently and attracted a lot of attentions and popularity.
Since 7th October,Girls group SNSD screensaver was released through search portal "Daum" and eventually quickly spreading  amongst the fans.
 The daum search had provided download services, within 1 day, regardless of the screensaver or wallpapers, it 
has been emerging on the network, and becoming more diverse and more personalized products which can be share together.

Netizens commented: "Really thankful to Daum" "because we are able to see the girls who are busying with their activities in Japan through this method,we felt so glad about it" "must set it as the background of the computer starting page". Through all these comments, we can see that this services indeed has gained a lot of popularity.

Daum is planning to customized any products that had SNSD as the image to meet the demands, and to do well for the publicity of Daum search and other new services.If you enter the official website of SNSD Daum screensaver, you will be able to see the CF and some unveiled videos of SNSD.

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