Friday, October 8, 2010

Daily News [10.09.10]  Kpop Girls group craze in Japan!

Quietly to say this: "Whats the benefits of being an idol group, seriously don't know about it " what an outrage, "Always felt that there's some hot guys and girls among them ..."people who have said this, also being strongly recommend Korean Girls group to other people.

Half of world had paid attention and watched the videos of the 2 top Korean girls group "SNSD" and "Kara",and even people who are in their 40s also can feel the impacts.
Firstly,the thing that attracted their eyeballs are their beautiful faces and elegant legs curves, followed by their singing and dancing abilities. Seamless stages with cute,beautiful and sexiness,basically are not seen in Japan before. On top of that,how fashion and chic they are and recently they had successively entered the Japan market.

Let's talk about SNSD first. SNSD is a 9member girls group, the group who had top at the 1st place for 9 times
continuously in Korean Music bank chart. Then they officially debuted and had their first ever showcase in Japan on August. At Tokyo Ariake Colosseum,continuously 3 showcases in 1 day,to one's surprise, there's 22,000 people have attended the showcase.
On top of that that, SNSD Japanese fans are mostly young ladies,they are the symbol of a new generation of future stars that have strong vision.
(Due to that we only have the resources of SNSD part,we are sorry that we will have to miss out Kara's part)

The common points between these 2 groups are : The experience they gained and learnt through the tough training and hard-works that paid off. Almost all the members undergone more than 5years of tough training before debut,and slowly they have accumulated strong abilities. Another point is that,they have members who able to speak Korean,English,Chinese and Japanese fluently. Besides,these groups are rapidly developing,and also depends on their popularity on video sites like Youtube and so on. Before debuting in Japan, they had been the center attentions and concerns of a lot of Japanese fans, and eventually gained lots of popularity.

Then why did they decided to debut in Japan?Actually,compared to Japan,Korea music industry is only the equivalent of 20 - 30% of the proportion.
In the local market,it's already very competitive,thus,they decided to choose some idol groups out and entered into neighbour country Japan market.
It's natural for idol groups to find a new access. 
The gradual evolution of a new dimension of entertainment ---hope that everyone can experience & feel this type of impact.


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