Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Daily News [10.13.10] Jessica 'Sweet delight' was love call from Sweden artists

 SNSD Jessica together with Sweden famous artists Hird and Cloud had finally met each other.
With hot popularity in Korean and Japan,SNSD Jessica finally met Hird and Cloud and they together produced a very sweet song.This song is a CF song of SPC(a very well-known food manufactures in Korean)  and they named as "Sweet Delight".This song has a Europe music genre and is produced by North-Europe electronic musician Hird and Cloud.And as for the lyrics, it is written by Korean well-known singer WheeSung. With Jessica's sweet and fresh voice,it has a multiplier effects,thus distinguished the difference between this CF song and others.This song was actually produced under the active proposal by Cloud,who really favor over Korean girls group,especially SNSD.
2009,based on the song "Naengmyun",Jessica POWER set off a heat wave in Korea,which let people cant help but look forward to the release of "Sweet Delight".

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