Sunday, October 17, 2010

Daily News [10.17.10] SM Entertainment stock price soared with SNSD daebak entry in Japan!

SNSD had helped SM stock prices soaring up abruptly ? 

After SNSD had successfully entered Japan market, SMent reached the targeted stock price of 30,000 won. SM Entertainment referred this  positive response for the result of SNSD entering Japan market, which made the stock price soared up to 30,000 won.

For the news,on the 15th Oct,after 1pm, SM stock price had increased 5.6% and reached 18,550 won  compared to previous trading day. Kim Chang Kwon,a university researcher gave his comments about the report on this day: "Because of SNSD, SM's  gradually expanded the market share in this huge market,Japan" and "Artists thats under SM,including those artists who are debut in Japan, assume that next year (in Japan) there's a sales of 110millions album (target sales), stock price may even go beyond 30,00won ." He added: "With the sales of 110millions or more, although may be a bit more as compared to last year DBSK who had a total of 93millions album sales, but it's not impossible." He even wrote: "With these as basis,according to conservative estimates that next year's per share net benefit will increase to 37.2% or more compared to this year".

Meantime,he said: "From SNSD success in Japan, they keep increasing popularity throughout social media like Youtube  and gained experiences.Youtube,Twitter and Facebook had helped SMent to expand their overseas music industry and also create a lot of opportunities".
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