Sunday, October 24, 2010

Daily News [10.24.10] SNSD 'Hoot' hot teaser revealed~~~

Popular girls group SNSD had released teaser video of their new album "Hoot"!
On 24th Oct 00:00AM,SM Entertainment revealed around 30mins of teaser video which eventually attracted a lot of attentions from fans.
In the teaser video, all the members are with retro hairstyles and cowboy hats,and also poses that reminiscent the glamorous western gunfighter and with different new images,it totally increased the level of expectations.
After watching the teaser video, fans commented: "really very pretty" "it's really worth it for waiting so long" "although there isn't any audio,but it still look charisma" and more enthusiastic response.
On the other side,SNSD will be releasing audio of "Hoot" on25th,after that they will be releasing other mini album songs on 27th Oct, and have their first comeback on 29th Oct with "HOOT"! in Music Bank

video credit to sment

Source:BNT News
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