Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Daily News [10.26.10] SNSD " Hoot" MV teaser hit 1 million views after 2 day

[Sports Today, Choi Jun reporter]
SNSD has released "Hoot" teaser movie in Youtube and it hits 1 million marks just in a few hours is a phenomenal record.

On the midnight at 24h, Youtube & SM channel ( released SNSD's 3rd mini album, Hoot, teaser movie and that made a worldwide craze.
SNSD who inspired by Spy (Retro Powergirl) looks, has appeared on 33-seconds teaser movie and in 2 days after it released they hits 1 million mark was recorded.

On 26th, 16.30, SNSD's "Hoot" teaser movie has been viewed by 1,023,814 people now. Many people have visited and it is raising expectations for future trends.
Earlier, the teaser released earlier with SNSD' members as beauty female with blonde hair and waves to the utmost jeans. Another lovely retro eye makeup and costume as a concept raised expectations for this album work.

The title song "Hoot", is lively blend the retro feel of the guitar sound to the songs. This song made characteristic of each member's voice alive and it gives a more colorful charm to the song.
"Hoot" is representing the sound of laughter and fun.

In particular, over last 19t, since a lovely spy teaser concept and 'Retro Powergirl' turned into an image and the title song, "Hoot", released. It becomes an objective of sound public, and made the music fans questioned about the song, which is greater than expected and followed the situation now, It's already taking notice that it's the music industry won.
Meanwhile, a new mini-album, Girls' Generation "Hoot" is released on May 27th, and the first stage will be on Music Bank on 29th.

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