Sunday, October 17, 2010

Daily News & Video [10.17.10] SNSD craze over Taiwan ^^ and the concerts ended with daebak along Taiwan S♡NE cheers

SNSD hot popularity in Taiwan, following the great success of their 1st day concert, again they continued their 2nd day concert on the afternoon of 17th Oct at Taiwan Arena.
9members managed to find time before their concert and attend the press conference held by Taiwan media.They stated:" Yesterday when they returned to the hotel after the 1st concert, they had a review among each other because they hope to do better for the next day concert."
Their merchandise sales for these 2 days also had acieved millions of Taiwan dollar. SNSD's pink light and at the end of the concert the ribbon sea that Taiwan Sones created to surprise the members which eventually made them felt so touched and cried.

For the 1st day concert in Taiwan,Leader 'Taeyeon' expressed that there's no fraction to judge,but all the members felt very touched, they also added really can feel the enthusiasm of the fans especially seeing those supportive fanmade-merchandise by the fans.Tiffany revealed that because they hope to do better for the 2nd day concert,after the 1st day concert when they returned to the hotel,they gathered together and having a discussion.  Throughout the concert on the 17th, we can see the hard work of the girls and it seems like Tiffany and Yuri kept practiced the dances till their legs are fill with bruises.

The charms that swept through Taiwan Arena, the fans even spent NT 80,000  to make the pink ribbons. During the concert on 17th Oct,when SNSD are performing their last song "OH!",all the fans target the stage and threw the pink ribbons towards it, not only is a super spectacular scene, it also make the girls to be surprised of it,and become a perfect ending for the concert.The girls also promised that if there's chance, they will still come to Taiwan.
They will be leaving Taiwan at the noon on 18th Oct on flight JL806,to continue their activities in Japan.

Pink ribbons

UBN News39- SNSD少女時代 苦練秀中文最愛珍珠奶茶

FTV News34-SNSD少女時代台北記者會 成員大秀中文

Taeyeon speak mandarin ^^ love it ~~~hohoh

Fancam ~Complete

Fancam ~ Jessica 'Barbie girl with donghae'

Taiwan S♡NE pink ocean ~~~~~~~ ^^

Lastly, to Taiwan S♡NE, all of you are really Jjang and thank you for the great pink ribbons surprise to our Girls and left a wonderful memorable moments to them ^^. Neomu Gamsahamnida ~~~~ ^___^

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