Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Daily video [10.06.10] SNSD Japanese version of Gee MV released!!

Awaiting it for a long time, and it's finally released today!
Just as the Japanese audio version of Gee was leaked sometime ago, followed by the teaser was revealed, and today, the Gee MV was finally released!
To support the sunbaenim, Minho appeared again in the Gee MV~. He has become so a fine & handsome man ^^.
Compared to the Korean version, and the Japanese version of Gee which you like it better?.
 Nevertheless, both versions are still addictive as always ^^

So now let's enjoyed their MV and get attack by their virus, GEE!

video credit to sssssssss610

So how was it? Fabulous right?! Virus already attacked me!!! How about you guys?
Please support the girls by buying their 2nd Japanese digital single Gee ^^

{Extra info~~ SNSD will perform on stage in NHK [Music Japan] on 24th October, so J-S♡NE please cheer for the girls ^^ 
 J-S♡NE の皆さん、10月24日で少女時代はNHK「MUSIC JAPAN]に出演決定しました、ぜひ応援宜しくお願いしますね~~^^

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