Sunday, October 31, 2010

Daily videos [31.10.10] SNSD comeback stage on Inkigayo!!!

Yeah Yeah Yeah~~~
Today is SNSD comeback stage in SBS Inkigayo with "HOOT" and "Mistake"!
For "HOOT", their outfits for today is the gold color spaceship outfits,the one that appeared in the MV ^^
As for "Mistake", the girls wore white dresses, some sitting and some standing while singing throughout the song.
I can only say that "Mistake"  really is a superb nice song.Thanks to Yuri for writing the lyrics for "Mistake",and the girls wonderful voices, we enjoy listening to the song~
Well, we hereby put up the comeback videos for you guys ^^



video credited to SmoothyEcoS04

So after watching it,how do you guys think about today performance?
Remember to stay tune to the girls comeback for next week too~~
SNSD Hwaiting!!!

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