Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Daily Videos [12.01.10] Not everyone can shoot love arrows to guys like SNSD!

Yea! Only our girls had the charisma to attract guys by shooting arrows to them!!! And of course,to those guys, the arrows are all love arrows!
Sooyoung and Yuri recently participated the recording of Strong Heart, and they danced their' HOOT' choreography. As expected, Jung Juri is dancing to 'Hoot' choreography and tried to shoot love arrows to her ideal guys.
The 2 lucky guys are Donghae from Super Junior and Choi JinHyuk! The 3rd guy was Moon HeeJun,but he didn't manage to get the love arrows from Jung Juri.What was the reason??
Well, here's the video to reveal the reason! ^^

video credited to CrazyCarrot360

Hahaha! But I think Jung Juri danced well ! *clap clap* And not forgetting our girls.The girls are pretty and dances well as always! ^^

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Daily Video&Interest [11.29.10] SNSD on 'Night Star' & Miss A' MIn and Shinyoung unnie dance 'Hoot' ^^

Here are a few interesting  videos of 'Night star' which aired yesterday night on KBS 2TV, only eight of them had attended due to TIffany already suffered knee injury during this programme recording time. However, our Angels still shined brilliantly across the whole show and showing their unparalleled humorous and witty talks on the show. Really love this episode~~~ ^^
Besides, Miss A 'Min' & Kim Shin young uunie are doing a parody of our girls latest hit song 'hoot', this really made my day ~~~~ ^___^. OK~~ Let watch it now~~~~ hoot>>>>>

Yuri 's Jeonjihyun Dance

And here is our SNSD image 'Yoona ssi~~~~~ ^^', just watching her expression already is pleasure thing for me...^^

videos credit to aslotuss45, SuJuTVshow, lmchoding @ youtube

Next, could you imagine how Daebak (popular ) our nine Angels is in Japan? I bet you will have better idea with below pictures. Yes, our girls  are being promoted on a superb huge size  poster on one of the  most famous fashion icon building in Shibuya,Tokyo area which is 109 Shibuya building ^^. It's really astonishing to watch such a enormous size of poster, imagine if we' able to watch it on the spot..hohooho ..Jjang ^^.

Lastly, our girls 'hoot' song has conquered Music bank again on last week  with four consecutively wins on past weeks ^^. Seem like SNSD 'hoot' song still going strong and it's really amazing to see they able to win on fourth week with 13k++ points ^___^.   Congratulation to SNSD!!!
Digital points - 4,337
Viewers' preference points - 2,124
Album points - 2,357
Broadcast Points - 4,429
Total - 13,247

Daily Video [11.28.10] SNSD won their third mutizen song in Inkigayo also goodbye stage

SNSD has strikes inkigayo mutizen song again and it was their third consecutive wins in Inkigayo since 'Hoot' released.
Today, inkigayo was really awesome and also sad at the same time due to it's goodbye stage of SNSD 'hoot' song in inkigayo while the simply awesome thing is Psy perform his latest hit song 'Right now' together with our nine Angels 'shooting arrow' dance choreography, I've been waiting for this since Psy said he will do it on stage someday and he really did it, this really made  my day ~~~ ^____^ ..hohohoh..'Right NOW~~~~~~It's Girls' Generation~~~~~내↘가↗ 소녀시대~~~~~~~^^.
Let's roll to watch now~~~~~~

videos credit to sunsicamoeshane & SNSDforever12

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Daily Videos [11.21.10]SNSD won mutizen again in SBS Inkigayo!!!

Yea! The girls once again won mutizen for today's Inkigayo!
With the cowgirls outfit,the girls put up another wonderful performance again!
Jessica was so cute during the winning.She's so anxious to shout out the winning to Tiffany~hahha!
Well,without further ado, here's the video!

video credited to CrazyCarrot360

Congrats to the girls once again! Fany~ get well soon! ^^

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Daily videos [11.19.10] SNSD 3rd win since their comeback!

Yea!! SNSD won for today Music Bank!
Today, the girls performing on stage without Tiffany,due to straining her knee cross ligaments, but the girls performed well and won the 1st again at Music Bank today! ^^
Congratulations to the girls!
Today the girls won with a wonderful result of 14730 ^^
Without further ado, here's the video for you guys to enjoy!




Once again, congrats to the girls! ^^
And of course, get well soon Fany!!! Take care~

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Daily interest [11.17.10] Taeyeon & The One duet "Like a star" finally released!

Yes! Other than releasing their 3rd mini album "HOOT"., SNSD Taeyeon today released the full song of "Like a star",which is a duet song together with her vocal teacher,The One.
"Like a star" is a very soothing and calm song.
The One and Taeyeon had previously sang "You bring me joy" before,which received alot of positive response from listeners.
And now,The One and Taeyeon come together once again to sing a duet! And of course, hot response as always!!!
Well, I think I shall not say much about it, and let you guys enjoy this wonderful song ^^

"Like a star"

video credited to iHoneydew

How was it?? Isnt it Jjiang!!! hahah! Nice job as always by our kid leader,Taeyeon ^^
Taeyeon Hwaiting!!!

>>>> You brings me joy<<<<<

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Daily Interest [11.13.10] YoonA lively '30 expression' ~~~

Still remember not long ago the post about Jessica '100 types of aegyo' had revealed our ICE princess lively expression, now this time is our SNSD image 'YoonA' ssi showtime~~^^.
Recently, there is a photo had revealed YoonA's  30 different combination expression which eventually become hot topic amongst the fans.
The fans commented: " it's really fun to see YoonA different cute expression' ' Oh~~ she is really pretty regardless of which expression she made ~~^^' ' It would be the best if Yuri of Seohyun also have this kind of photo'. Seem like the fans really like to see more lively and cute expression of our 9 Angels, and personally  i would like to see choding leader Taeyeon photo, like below picture

                                                    hohohoho ~~~~Hoot~~~~ ^___^

                             aigoooo, our Goddess ' Im YoonA' too adorable~~~~~~~

Photo credit to snsdchina
Post by

Daily Video [11.13.10] SNSD 'Hoot' in Music core

Weekend coming again~~~~ Time to 'shoot~~ shoot~~ shoot' Hoot~~ hoot~~ hoot. ^^
Our 9 bond Girls' continue 'Hoot' syndrome by sweeping across various on/off-line music chart with No.1 and also music programme with their 2nd win on yesterday Music bank. Seem like 'Hoot' craze still going strong and temporary is unstoppable ^^ which proving again our 9 Angels' popularity as NO.1 K-pop Girls Group in Korea ~~~, Jjang ^__^. Furthermore, today performance our 9 Angels' outfit really 'neomu banjjak banjjak nuni booshuh, ' and I'm so ' kkamjjak kkamjjak nollan naneun, Oh.oh..oh..oh..oh~~~~~  Love it ~~~~' ^___^.
OKie~~~ Let's Hoot hoot hoot~~~ ^^

video credit to   CrazyCarrot270

Friday, November 12, 2010

Daily Video [11.12.10] SNSD claimed their 2nd win on Music Bank!

Yes,once again the girls won the 1st place for today's Music Bank!!!
And this is their 2nd win in Music Bank since they had made their comeback!
Today,the girls wore their individual outfits,showing each of their unique characters ^^
For those that missed their performance,no worries ^^
Here's the video of their today's performance ^^

Hoot! + Winning!
video credited to kbskpoptv1

Remember to stay tune on tomorrow's Music Core and Sunday's SBS Inkigayo ^^
SNSD Hwaiting~!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Daily videos [11.07.10] SNSD won mutizens in SBS Inkigayo!!!

Yeah! Another win for SNSD since their comeback with "HOOT"!
Thats right! The girls claimed mutizen award in SBS Inkigayo today with "HOOT"!
With red and pink outfits, they performed HOOT!
And today the girls are in high spirit! They did the fanchant!!! Also today 'Hoot' encore stage was so long compare to other, that's why i love Inkigayo so much ^^
내↘가↗ 소녀시대다 !!! ^^
We hereby shared the joy with you guys by putting up the video of today's performance!!

HOOT + Results!

Hoot - Road for hope concert!

video credited to SmoothyEcoS04

Once again, congrats to the girls for claiming 2 awards for now ^^
내↘가↗ 소녀시대다 !!!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Daily Videos [ 11.06.10] Red & Blue Cowgirls are shooting Music Core!!!

With red and blue outfits and cowgirls hat, SNSD had their comeback stage at Music Core today!
Performing HOOT! And of course,as wonderful as always ^^
Anyone didnt get to catch their performance? No worries alright? We will update you guys here ^^
There you go!


video credited to SmoothyEcoS04

Remember to catch the girls performance and SBS Inkigayo tomorrow!!! ^^

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Daily Videos [11.04.10] SNSD "HOOT" Music Bank,and claimed 1st!

Yeah, it's weekend again! And of course, is the girls comeback stages too!
Today Music Bank, the girls performed HOOT! With black and white outfits, the girls look so cute!
The fans really gave their fullest support to the girls! The fans shouting and screaming really can cover the music! hehehe ^^
And today the girls claimed 1st in Music Bank with wonderful result of 17285!
Congrats to the girls!!!
Without further ado, we hereby put up the performance and results for you guys!ENJOY!


video credited to : UnknownCarrot170
Remember to stay tune to the girls performance tomorrow at Music Core ^^

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