Saturday, November 13, 2010

Daily Interest [11.13.10] YoonA lively '30 expression' ~~~

Still remember not long ago the post about Jessica '100 types of aegyo' had revealed our ICE princess lively expression, now this time is our SNSD image 'YoonA' ssi showtime~~^^.
Recently, there is a photo had revealed YoonA's  30 different combination expression which eventually become hot topic amongst the fans.
The fans commented: " it's really fun to see YoonA different cute expression' ' Oh~~ she is really pretty regardless of which expression she made ~~^^' ' It would be the best if Yuri of Seohyun also have this kind of photo'. Seem like the fans really like to see more lively and cute expression of our 9 Angels, and personally  i would like to see choding leader Taeyeon photo, like below picture

                                                    hohohoho ~~~~Hoot~~~~ ^___^

                             aigoooo, our Goddess ' Im YoonA' too adorable~~~~~~~

Photo credit to snsdchina
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