Friday, December 31, 2010

SPECIAL [12.31.10] MBC GAYO DAEJUN~~~ *YURI & TIffany MCing **

TOday, the Year 2010 has come to its last day. I would like to wish everyone here Happy New year and hope the best luck of past year would continue to whole new start of Year 2011.
   ~~~~WISH ALL OF YOU~~~~
새해 복 많이 받으세요(saehae bok manhi bateuseyo)  
Happy New Year in Korean! 

Tonight, here is the last music event before end of year 2010 (MBC GAYO DAEJUN) present to you and hope everyone of yours enjoy this last show.
EXTRA: INFO ( Just now i'm so surprised to see JYJ trio back on stage in KBS Drama award 2010 and they sang "Found You” which is a  ballad track from the “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” OST and these trio voices have proved what made them so still so popular throughout those harsh days. Well, glad to see they back on stage  
and hope coming Year 2011 going to be another Daebak yearfor K-POP world. 
OK~~ I will stop here and let the last party get started~~~~


MBC Performances videos~~ (Updating in progress, remember to refresh for more update videos~~)

OOO~~ After School has revealed their new member~~~

All videos credit to CrazyCarrot270

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Special [12.30.10] KBS Gayo Daejun start now~~~ (Update completed)

Yeah~~~~ The party continue today with KBS Gayo Daejun.The biggest Kpop stars will come together to deliver the finest performance before the end of Year 2010. Love...Love..Love~~~~ ^___^
OK~~ Let watch it now~~~

SNSD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ohohohohoh~~~~ ^^
Congratulation to the girls of another DAEBAK win in this year....Oh..Jjang~~~~~~~~ ^___^.
Jigeum mu SO NYEO SHI DAE Appeurahdo SO NYEO SHI DAE .. Yongwonhee SO NYEO SHI DAE..  ~~~SO NYEO SHI DAE SARANGHAE ..Oh~~~~~~~

SONG OF THE YEAR~~~~~ SO NYEO SHI DAE (OH!) ~~~~~^___^

SISTAR & Shin Seung Hoon

SISTAR - Deja VU, Crazy in Love, Push Push

Vocalist ~~“It’s My Life” (Bon Jovi)
- Changmin (2AM), Junsu (2PM), Jonghyun (SHINee), Yoseob (BEAST)

2PM !!I'll be back


F(x)~~ NU ABO

IU & Seulong ~Nagging

U-Kiss – Mission Impossible + Am I Easy + Shut Up

F.T. Island – Love Love Love

Special stage~~~
1) “Glitter” – 4minute : Flirt (Pussycat Dolls)
2) “Innocent” – SECRET : Stickwitu (Pussycat Dolls)

3) “Rhythm” – After School : Let’s Do it
4) “Lollipop” – f(x) : Lollipop

MISS A~~~ Good girl bad girl & Ican;t breathe

Videos credit to UnknownCarrot170
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Special [12.29.10] Year 2010 SBS Gayo Daejun begin~~~~ (updating in progress)

The Year of 2010 has gradually come to an end, yet it's also dictate where the big events are start warming up and preparing to deliver final performances of Year 2010 for all the Kpop fans.
Tonight, the first big event 'SBS Gayo Daejun' has started and be ready to enjoy all the great performances~~~~ ^__^. Can't wait to watch our 9 Angels' special performance~~ ^^
Go under cut for today exciting performances~~
( Updating in progress ~~~~ )

First,Seohyun has turn into true Goddess this time, she is just gorgeous and like an angel descending from heaven to save the world (SONE^^) such a grand entrance~~ hohohohoo

Maknae performance ~~~

Second& third song , the girls had performed "Sonwy wish" & "Hoot"~~~ Love it ^___^

(Updating in progress~~~~~)

Other Kpop stars~~

Kpop kids~~~~

Keep your head up~~~ yeah it's SISTAR~~~ I've been big fan of this song recently~~~ ^^

Yeah ~~ it's Good Day~~~~IU ^___^

Credit to thnjiu,shanshawol,SHINeeKeyGurl @youtube

Daily Interest [12.29.10] SNSD First live concert album sneak peek~~~ ^^

Here are a few sneak peek of SNSD first live concert album which scheduled to release on 30th Dec.
SNSD first live concert album is comprise of 2CDs and included 38 songs which SNSD has sung it during their two days of Seoul live concert.
Besides, they is one R&B bonus track called " Beautiful Girl" also known to be 'SNSD melody' will be released along with the album as well as the MV which was shown during the concert.
The cover design is pure pink over the album~~hohoho ^^ , just it ~~~~~ ^__^
GO under cut for more pictures of this special album~~

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Daily videos [12.27.10] Yongseo couple "Banmal Song" released!

Yeah! I'm sure some of you had watched the latest We Got Married, and knew that Yongseo couple had worked together and made a song called "Banmal Song". And their mission was not only made the song, but also uploaded onto Youtube ( I'm sure you guys know how worldwide Youtube is )!
And today, the song was uploaded!
Without further ado, here's the song for you guys to enjoy !

Banmal Song~

video credited to sweetpotato4339

So guys, how was it? Jjiang isnt it?!
I love the part where they sing "saranghae" together~ So sweet~~~ hehehe!
I hope that they will be able to release the official version for it, and perform live on music programs, just like Adam couple ^^
Yongseo couple hwaiting!

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Daily Interest [12.20.10] Tiffany will be back soon~~~~~

Tiffany has been suffering from knee injury and stopped all her SNSD activities since 1 month ago,.
However, Our lovely 'banjjak banjjak like a gems Tiffany ' will be joining her 8 SNSD sisters together soon and it's has been confirmed Tiffany will perform live on stage with SNSD on coming 23th Dec Fuji TV "Mezameshi TV" programme.
On this day, the girls will be performed their hit song "Gee" and the girls were very happy which they able to perform together on stage again "As 9 has become 1 again" ~~~~ ^^.
Besides, on next day 24th Dec, SNSD will be also performed live on Asahi TV " Music Station Super Live 2010" with "Gee" & "Genie".

video credit to SONEmsSubs01@youtube

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Daily Video [12.17.10] SNSD is the winner of Music Bank in Year 2010

It's Friday coming again and it's Music Bank show time~~~~.

Finally, Year 2010 has almost come to an end as well as Music Bank.
Today, Music bank has its last stage and present year end trophy to the Kpop star who've shined and worked hard thorughout whole year on the stage, always trying their best to give us the best performance and visual pleasure.
Then,the winner of this year  Music Bank is ~~~~~~~~~~~~ SO NYUH SHI DAE~~~~~~~~~~~ ^^..hooooooot~~

The calculation is based on how many times of SNSD obtained No.1 spot throughout whole year 2010.
SNSD has obtained 5 week consecutively No.1 on beginning of February till 1st week of March with their 'Oh' hit song. Then they continued to release 'Run Devil' Run' later on which also managed to secure '1st' spot 2 week consecutively from 1st week to 2rd week of April. In total, our 9 Angels already able to secure 7 times of NO.1 in Music Bank on first half of the year.

Then again, SNSD has surprised us again with their 'Hoot' song released on October while we still thinking that the girls would only concentrate on their Japanese debut in Japan on later half of the year. This really is a BIG surprised given by SNSD to all S♡NE and it's turn out to be another 'daebak' hit song of  Year 2010~~ ^^ . The 'Hoot' song craze immediately spread across over Kpop world and created strong ' Shooting arrow' syndrome which the effect almost like 'Gee'. With this, the girls managed to secure again the astonishing 5 week consecutively '1st' on Music bank since it's release. SNSD has total 12 wins along the whole year which has earned them another Year end of 2010 the 13th 'No.1' spot trophy at today. Congratulation to our girls once again, they truly deserve it ^^.
Let's watch SNSD today 'Oh+ Hoot' special performance now~~

       ~~~~Our Kim choding so hyper ^^ , she love the 13th .No1' so much~~~~ Hoot..hoot..hoot~~~

Pictures credit as tagged
videos credit to thnjiuy& snsdlivenew5
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Daily Interest [12.16.10] the making of SNSD new domino pizza CF & Kim Tae Hee' Hoot.~~'

SNSD new domino CF is on the way again~~~. Today, a set of photos and a short clip had released and enable us to have first sneak peek of our 9 Angels new domino pizza CF. Our girls really shined in whatever CF they have endorsed so far which the CF featured our 9 Angels will guarantee good sales in market .
I believe it's going to become another daebak CF around in Korea, i really hope this CF make it's way to where i live~~~~ ^^.

Next, Korea No.1 well know recognized beauty 'Kim Tae Hee' also has become fangirl our 9 angels latest hit song 'Hoot'??. Actually, it was MBC latest drama ‘My Princess’ had revealed its first trailer on today which Kim Tae hee was seen to make a cover of 'Hoot' song which like teasing the male lead 'Song Seung Hun'  ^^ in the drama. Aigoooo~~ really love Kim Tae Hee version ' neoneun shoot shoot shoot!naneun hoot hoot hoot!~~ Also her last dorky ahjumma like smile ^___^.
Another must watch K-drama on this season~~~~.

Click to view larger pictures

Video credit to Taeng024 & kimthaihy @youtube
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Daily News [12.16.10] SNSD to Make Cameo Appearance on Japanese Drama 'Sazae-san' next month

SNSD will make a cameo appearance on the Japanese drama "Sazae-san 3" next month.

The popular family drama, which airs on Fuji TV, is about a family in Tokyo who are ordinary except that its members are named after a sea or seafood. It sounds odd, but it's based on Japan's longest-running comic strip, drawn by Machiko Hasegawa from 1946 to 1974, called "Sazae-san". Besides the drama, the strip was also turned into a cartoon that aired for over 40 years, starting in 1969. Since the drama is strictly about Japan, SNSD will be the first foreigners to appear on the show.

"Sazae-san 3" producer Asano Sumi decided to cast SNSD after watching their promotion video, saying that the girls seemed perfect to play the role.

The girls will appear in the father's dream sequence as golf caddies. They will be dressed in pink, cheering him on as he makes a hole-in-one. And here's good news for the fans who miss seeing the nine girls together: since the shooting took place in mid-October, Tiffany will appear with the rest of the members. She injured her knee a month ago and has been recovering since.

Video credit to Taen9lina002
Source: via Sankei Sports Shimbun
Translation Article credit to soompi

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Daily Interest [12.15.10] COngratulation to SNSD won four awards in MMA

Congratulation to the Girls of winning four awards in Melon Music Award 2010 tonight~~~~.
Our Girls continued domination from GDA award previously and keep winning again, all their a year long effort paid off finally.

Our 9 Angels won:
1. Top 10 Award
2. Hot Trend Award
3. Best Artist Award
4. Best Dress Award (votin

Go under cut for more pictures & videos of their red carpet scene~~~

First it was none other than our 9 Angels Kid leader~~~~~^^.

Taeyeon is so hottttttt~~~ and sexy~~~~tonight with her night dress ^^. Seem like our kid leader has really grown to become a fine lady now, Anyone dying from Taeyeon's hotness ^^ ??. I'm melting rapidly now~~~~~. Hoot..hoot..hoot~~~~

image name image name image name
image name image name image name
image name

image name
image name

SNSD Red Carpet @ 2010 Melon Music Awards 

SNSD Wins Top10 Award @ 2010 Melon Music Awards

SNSD - Intro @ 2010 Melon Music Awards

SNSD - Hoot @ 2010 Melon Music Awards

 SNSD - Oh! @ 2010 Melon Music Awards

SNSD Wins Award - hot trend @ 2010 Melon Music Awards 

SNSD - Best Artist Award  @ 2010 Melon Music Awards

All videos credit to snsdlivenew5

Aigoooo~~~Love Cute Taengooo~~~ Oh..Oh..Oh...Oh~~~~^^

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