Thursday, December 16, 2010

Daily Interest [12.16.10] the making of SNSD new domino pizza CF & Kim Tae Hee' Hoot.~~'

SNSD new domino CF is on the way again~~~. Today, a set of photos and a short clip had released and enable us to have first sneak peek of our 9 Angels new domino pizza CF. Our girls really shined in whatever CF they have endorsed so far which the CF featured our 9 Angels will guarantee good sales in market .
I believe it's going to become another daebak CF around in Korea, i really hope this CF make it's way to where i live~~~~ ^^.

Next, Korea No.1 well know recognized beauty 'Kim Tae Hee' also has become fangirl our 9 angels latest hit song 'Hoot'??. Actually, it was MBC latest drama ‘My Princess’ had revealed its first trailer on today which Kim Tae hee was seen to make a cover of 'Hoot' song which like teasing the male lead 'Song Seung Hun'  ^^ in the drama. Aigoooo~~ really love Kim Tae Hee version ' neoneun shoot shoot shoot!naneun hoot hoot hoot!~~ Also her last dorky ahjumma like smile ^___^.
Another must watch K-drama on this season~~~~.

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Video credit to Taeng024 & kimthaihy @youtube
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