Monday, December 20, 2010

Daily Interest [12.20.10] Tiffany will be back soon~~~~~

Tiffany has been suffering from knee injury and stopped all her SNSD activities since 1 month ago,.
However, Our lovely 'banjjak banjjak like a gems Tiffany ' will be joining her 8 SNSD sisters together soon and it's has been confirmed Tiffany will perform live on stage with SNSD on coming 23th Dec Fuji TV "Mezameshi TV" programme.
On this day, the girls will be performed their hit song "Gee" and the girls were very happy which they able to perform together on stage again "As 9 has become 1 again" ~~~~ ^^.
Besides, on next day 24th Dec, SNSD will be also performed live on Asahi TV " Music Station Super Live 2010" with "Gee" & "Genie".

video credit to SONEmsSubs01@youtube

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