Thursday, December 9, 2010

Daily news [09.12.10] SNSD won Daesang award!!!

Anyone watched Golden Disk Awards 2010 just now??
Our girls won a Digital Disk Daesang !!! It's Daesang!!!
The girls won not only daesang, but also bonsang.
WOW!!! All the girls were crying while giving their speech and give each other hugs!
It's a pity that Tiffany was not able to attend the award ceremony due to her injury.
But still, congratulations to our girls!
Also, congrats to BOA,Super Junior and SHINee who also won awards alongside with SNSD!
Once again, congrats to SNSD!
Right Now It's Girls Generation~ ~In The Future It's Girls Generation~~Forever It's Girls Generation!

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all videos credited to SmoothyEcoS04

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