Sunday, December 26, 2010

Daily videos [12.27.10] Yongseo couple "Banmal Song" released!

Yeah! I'm sure some of you had watched the latest We Got Married, and knew that Yongseo couple had worked together and made a song called "Banmal Song". And their mission was not only made the song, but also uploaded onto Youtube ( I'm sure you guys know how worldwide Youtube is )!
And today, the song was uploaded!
Without further ado, here's the song for you guys to enjoy !

Banmal Song~

video credited to sweetpotato4339

So guys, how was it? Jjiang isnt it?!
I love the part where they sing "saranghae" together~ So sweet~~~ hehehe!
I hope that they will be able to release the official version for it, and perform live on music programs, just like Adam couple ^^
Yongseo couple hwaiting!

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