Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Daily interest[05.01.11] Yongseo couple seems to be real ?!

During the preview of this week We Got Married, a scene was currently gaining fans and netizens attentions!
On this week We Got Married, Seohyun and Yonghwa went to Busan to meet Yonghwa's mum. Victoria had already met Nichkhun's family members, and now is Seohyun turn! I'm sure Seohyun will be very nervous during her 1st meeting with her mother-in-law.
And on their way to Busan in train, something attracted the fans and netizens attentions. It seems like both of them are quite tired, so they took a nap on the train. And from what the picture shown,Seohyun just naturally lies her head on Yonghwa's shoulders. Both of them are sleeping with their spectacles. So cute~
AHHHHH~ I cant wait for this week We Got Married! hehehe~ how about you guys?
Anyway, it seems like SM Entertainment are resolving their conflicts with Mnet. Heard that DBSK Yunho and Changmin are having their comeback tomorrow on Mnet live,so please do show support to them too ~ ^^

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