Sunday, February 27, 2011

Daily Interest [02.27.11] Tamagochi Taeyeon ^^

Here present to you another creative,fantastic & funny flash-work by  SONE called Tamagochi Taeyeon.

I really have to praise this SONE for this brilliant flash which totally brighten up my day and having a lot of fun while playing with this special tamagochi ^^. This tamagochi featured by none other than our cute taengoo with her various great amusing voice moments.

You can make Taeyeon rock this tamagochi stage, playing little ball game with her ^^, or even let sweet taengoo go to bed. Besides, this tamagochi also included six CF brands short audio clips. Tamagochi has been one of the best toy during my younger time , and now this tamagochi has arouse my desire to get one this kind if possible ^__^, Taeyeon just so cute~~~ Irrsistible ^^.
OK~~ let's have fun now~~

(start the flash by pressing the Power on button located at center)

flashwork credit to sosiz

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