Monday, February 21, 2011

Daily News [02.21.11] SBS-CNBC interview with Intel Korea SNSD, the faces of Intel Asia

On SBS-CNBC News aired on February 21st, an interview with Intel Korea’s Mr. Han In Soo was carried out to talk about SNSD as Intel Asia’s new faces and the collaboration between Hallyu and IT. Here are the contents of the interview.

SBS-CNBC: SNSD had performed for Intel on January 18th when they were promoting their new product. Also, music video of SNSD in collaboration with Intel has been revealed. I heard the reaction was great, was it?

Han: Yes it was. The music video’s title is “Visual Dreams”. It received great attentions and appreciation online. Even though January 18th was a cold day, many reporters still reported about the event. Over 200 reporters have attended the event.

SBS-CNBC: What were the reports mainly about?

Han: Many of them focused on the financial value and marketing effects. The news of SNSD and Intel was even on MBC 9 o’ Clock news. The main things reported was this -  ‘Our nation’s girl group have gone beyond hallyu and entered the world marketing models’. To illustrate further – ‘our nation’s girl groups have international effect through online and social media. Therefore, they are receiving global industries’ love calls’. The news also talked about -  ‘With SNSD modeling for Intel as a start, girl groups’ financial values are starting to rise’. Financial Today published articles about ‘IT Brands, How Much Financial Effect Will It Receive From Collaborating With Hallyu Idols?’ and also – ‘The first experiment of this marketing strategy will be Intel’.

SBS-CNBC: Well, besides the financial values, what else is attracting the public’s attentions?

Han: eToday reported ‘Industries are eager to model girl groups to approach the ‘Younger Generations”. It was a report about how industries have raised their image through online marketing and social networking. Especially B2B industries are focusing on promotions for 2nd time customers, not 1st time customers. Also, the fact that industries (that does not make complete products) are strengthening their public relations have caught attention. Intel was used an example as this. The fact that Intel produces CPU, but still chose SNSD as their model was very ‘shocking’.

SBS-CNBC: So far, how is the effect of using SNSD as a marketing strategy? Even though it might be hard to say considering it has only been 1 month since their collaboration.

Han: Because this marketing strategy has just recently set off, so I can’t tell you the effect exactly. However, about a month after SNSD started modeling for Intel, ‘HanGook KyungJae’ talked about SNSD’s marketing results. It’s pretty interesting. “‘Visual Dreams’, a song composed to promote Intel, has reached 5 million clicks just in their official website.” Also, they reported, ‘Just 48hours after the release of the music video, it reached 1 Million views’. The reports were mainly stating the effect was favorable. Such a result was probably possible because of online communication and the use of entertainment to garner the interest among the younger generations.

SBS-CNBC: Then what do you think can be concluded through SNSD and Intel’s collaboration?

Han: By summarizing the things above, major presses talk about 3 things from this collaboration. First, it is a known fact that K-Pop has a great effect in Asia, and global industries further confirmed this fact by selecting girl groups as their models. Secondly, industries have started to take actions to approach the younger generations. Lastly, K-Pop great effect has went oversea and became global. Also, considering Intel only released SNSD’s music video only online and not on TV commercials, Intel is mainly focusing on using online communities to globally promote themselves.

SBS-CNBC: We believe that now SNSD’s marketing activities in Asian region have also started.

Han: Now, the marketing activities for the Asian region in Taiwan and other Asian countries have begun. yesterday, I got in touch with the public relations representative for Taiwan and I was told that currently, SNSD’s music videos and advertisement pictures are rapidly spreading and shared across the region through the internet. We are also thankful to have received some constructive and helpful e-mails. From the entertainment industry’s point of view, participation of global companies as advertisers seems to be greatly welcomed. We hope that this sort of collaboration would enhance the entertainment industry as well as the Korean wave. The Intel-SNSD collaboration  marketing in each Asian region is the beginning. The huge success of this global marketing will not only bring good news to SNSD’s fans but also to many other parties.

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