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Daily news[03.31.11] Not just a screaming fans, but also a fans with a big heart~

They are not just screaming girls who get excessively emotional when their idols appear or take stage. These devoted fans have a big heart too.
In wake of the Japanese earthquake on Mar 11, celebrities have shown their support and donated to victims of the natural disaster.
Korean entertainment companies such as SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment have all made donations; while individuals including Song Seung-heon and Kim Hyun Joong have donated KRW$200 million (approximately S$220,000) and KRW$100 million (approximately S$110,000) respectively.
Following the footsteps of their idols, many forums and fan clubs have also stepped forward to do their part in aiding the Japan quake victims.
One of them is Soshified, the largest international forum that supports Korean girl group Girls' Generation (also known as 'So Nyeo Shi Dae').
Soshified recently concluded a donation drive, which included an auction hosted by the forum.
Individuals from countries including Singapore, USA, Australia, Brazil and Chile donated a total of US$19,602.51 (approximately S$25,000). Various Soshified members also offered treasured items for an auction, to further help raise funds.
autographed album(Soshified)
Run Devil Run album autographed by SNSD's leader, Taeyeon
An autographed album from Girls' Generation leader Taeyeon was auctioned for US$999.90 (approximately S$1,300), making it the highest bid collected.
The total amount of money raised in a period of three weeks was US$25,372.50 (approximately S$32,000).

What sets Soshified's charity drive apart is that Google had offered to match up to at least US$12,000 (approximately S$15,000) of the funds the forum had raised. A representative from Soshified added that they are currently working with Google to increase the amount.
All donations will be made to the Japanese Red Cross Society through Google Crisis Response.
Girls' Generation
This is not the first time Soshified was involved with charities.
In conjunction with Girls' Generation's third anniversary last year, Soshified donated US$5,680 (approx. S$7,200) to charity: water, a non-profit initiative which focuses on providing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

Local fan clubs of Korean groups Super Junior, SHINee and YG Family are also currently holding their own donation drives. Most of these clubs solicit funds from members and the public by spreading the word through social media.
YG Supporters, which is made up of several fan bases supporting artistes from YG Entertainment, also tries to raise funds by selling items from their blogshops.
What prompted these fans to do their part in disaster relief?
"We wanted to give something back to the society. We've been doing gifts for the girls [Girls' Generation] and it came to a point where we think that doing charity as a community and for the girls is more meaningful," the Soshified rep expressed.
According to Angela, a rep from YG Supporters, YG Entertainment makes donations to charities annually.
"Yang Hyuk Suk, the president of our favourite entertainment company [YG Entertainment] serves as our inspiration," she said.
Big Bang

credits : Joelle Chong @ xinmsn
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