Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Daily Pictures [03.09.11] Fanmade SNSD sketches~~ ^^

In the past, we've seen SONE showing their amazing talent in various aspect and left a deep impression to all. The important thing is not only their skill but it was SONE's sincerity of heart to do something for the people they loved that's the thing really touching everyone.  
Today, a SONE had made a set of SNSD sketches which i think really beautiful & amazing piece of works here. Seeing these sketches really nice, it's made me realized again everyone of us must treasure our preious friendship around with us now. The Girls' Soshi Bond are really a good example and it's really precious.
OK without further ado~~ Go under cut for more amajjing ^^ photos

( You can click on the photo to view as pop-up slideshow which is another feature i've added to this site & hope you guys like it)

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