Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan Massive Earthquake~~

Hi SONE, it's me snsdlife again. It's been a while since last update sorry about that due to recently many thing (Works > <) had occupied most of my time. 
Especially the recent massive earthquake that rock in North-east of Japan which caused quite a shock to me & my Japanese colleagues. 

We've lost contact with all of our Japan counterpart in Tokyo, HQ and many thing become chaos instantly and telephone, internet were all disconnected for a while. 
Fortunately, most of them are reported safe in their place after a few hours later when internet back online again, at that time we become really emotional and glad to know they're safe. 

However,  hope the people of Japan able overcome this historic great disaster soon.
Below picture is comparison of Satellite photos of Japan, Before and after the quake and tsunami which provided by  Google, Geoeye.
Continuous Live video report from NHK ~~
(only in Japanese but you'll be able to see how serious is it that caused by this catastrophe earthquake)


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