Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Daily Interest [04.05.11] Lovely Taeyeon's middle school pictures revealed

Today,  the Korean SNSD portal site 'DC' member had revealed some of our dorky leader 'Taeyeon' middle school period group picture with her classmate and its has become hot topic among the fans. 
Taeyeon cute  chubby face looks so adorable in the picture ~~~ :) Love her<3

~~SM Entertainment, the Red Cross and the Social Responsibility Agreement signed .- Super    Junior, SNSD, SHINee, F (x).

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Daily Videos [04.04.11] SNSD & SUJU new SPAO CF clip :)

Today, SPAO has released new CF 'Star Color' featuring SNSD & SUJU. This round the CF introducing various colourful  star's shirt and the Girls look perfectly suited with those clothes thanks to their mannequin like body figures. Let's check it out at below~~

Next, below is another fanmade video featured our lovely Taengoo & Sexy Yuri and the background music is the recent Kpop hit song 'Black & White' sung by G.NA. GO under cut for for the video~~~

Last but not least, below are few more pictures update of Yoona's popular CF'  Innisfree & SNSD latest  hit CF' Vita 500'. Hope you enjoy reading this post~~~ ^^

YEAH~~ Let's make Vitamin C with So Nyeo Shi Dae>>:)

Pictures credit to Innisfree & Vita 500
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Daily Video & Pictures [04.03.11] SNSD performed at LG Cinema 3D Game Festival

Here are some pictures & video update of SNSD had performed at LG Cinema 3D Game Festival. The Girls have performed Gee, visual dream & hoot three songs tonight.
Kkap Yuri is showing her trueself again>>>>KEkekekekeke~~~~:)



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Daily videos [04.03.11] The finale of Yongseo couple Part 2(last episode)~~Back to where we start ~

Finally, Yongseo couple ended their final recording and broadcast of We Got Married!
Jung Yonghwa, a busan guy who is clumsy and careles. Seo Juhyun, a "model student" who is considerate and innocent. It has been more than a year since they were together for WGM. Seohyun who only cares about gogoma instead of paying attention to guys, had grown alot ever since he met Yonghwa. Bring husband for medical checkup, always remind him to avoid drinking too much coffee, knit a scarf for him,being forgive and forget and so on. From all these, we can see that Seohyun had change alot through WGM. Really very thankful that Seohyun had met Yonghwa through WGM. Their relationship grown slowly, day by day. They learn how to understand one another, and care for each other. Just because everything are moving slowly, it makes their relationship more naturally. Of course, this includes holding hands and crossing arms! Last but not least, hugs! Just like Adam couple, it's not that there's no more Yongseo couple existing. It's just that they are not in We Got Married.
Here's the last episode of Yongseo, enjoy ^^

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Daily Videos[04.02.11] Our favourite Youtube videos this week

Weekend is such fine day to be with which is all about relax & let yours mind calming down.
I've been a SONE since Gee promotional time which is around two year+ ago, the 'Gee' virus simply irresistible and it got me in just a split second when I first heard about this song. Since then, the "Gee' rhythm has stuck in my head forever and now. Recently, I've been surfing across Youtube for SNSD old videos which I've missed, surprisingly I found so many entertaining & great videos especially some  Taeyeon's awesome live singing footage during radio programme.
Today, we'll like to write a new post which it gonna share some interesting & entertaining videos that we found within a week. Some videos you might viewed it before, but no harm to watch it again right :)
OK~~~ Let's go to view these videos now~~

First song called 'Waiting / 기다리다 (Gidarida) a lovely ballad song composed & sung by Younha. Totally 5 Star*****.  Personally I think Younha really is a underrated singer, because she got great vocal & composed talents, and her singing is one of my favourite among Kpop singer. Hope in future, more people will get to know more about her~~~, Younha hwaiting~~~ ^__^.

Acoustic version of 'Waiting'~~ really nice~~:)

Taeyeon performed cover of this song (waiting) alone at Chinchin. Taeyeon sing it very well especially her low deep charming voice and overall stability is enough to earned her 5 star***, the best Kpop Idol Girls' Group vocalist ever indeed~~ ^^.

Sweet Taeyeon having fun with Kangin dog ^^, she looks so adorable & her expression are priceless~~:)

Below video is a group of Japanese High school girls performed SNSD hit song 'Gee' , and they made a quite good cover for this and the ending is sweet :). 日本のファン皆さん、お疲れ彼様でした、素晴らしいカバーです!

YEAH~~Tiffany:" Put it back on~~~~ ^^"

The last video i would like to share is none other than the most talented Korean guitarist 'Jung Sungha',  previously there is a post which introduced he has arranged & performed SNSD 'hoot' song at his house. After that, Sungha took it to another level by performing this song at Hongdae V-Hall,Korea, Jjang~~~^^.

Videos credit to jwcfree,Treetopfan,sonex9, cherub2696 ,miyachant,kpoper@youtube
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Friday, April 1, 2011

Daily Videos[04.01.11] One of the best Gee & other SNSD songs parody by Japanese SONES ~

Yeah, we have seen a lot of covers and parodies of SNSD songs by SONES & other variety celebrities ..Here we have some videos to share with you guys. These videos probably are some of the best cover of Gee & other SNSD songs that you ever have seen ^^
This group of people are J-SONES  living in Tokyo and calling themselves Endou Jidai (遠藤時代).They came together and made one of the best parody cover of SNSD 'Gee' i ever seen! I personally thinks that these guys & Girls  are really Jjiang & skilful! Daebak, because they even wore HEELS! HIGH HEELS to dance!!! And they are so good and synchronized and they even performed on stage in Shibuya music hall! OMG ~ I'm totally impressed with them! *clap clap* for them ! Let's watch it now~~

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Daily News [04.01.11] Fans Leave a Message for YongSeo Through Newspaper Ad

MBC 'We Got Married''s YongSeo couple will have their last episode on April 2nd. A number of fans have expressed their feelings through a heartfelt message published in the Korean Metro newspaper. 

"Till the day Yonghwa's passion and Seohyun's dreams brighten up the world, I cheer you, CNBlue Jung Yonghwa, and Girls' Generation Seohyun's future.

Like beginning and end is together, they tie the knot tightly, and return to the end after a long journey. Because Yongseo couple thought of even the small connections preciously, we believe they'll show us their best in their own areas. We give support, claps, cheers, encouragement, trust and love. I hope it helps just like the wind flapping its wings towards the ultimate goal. We pray for Jung Yonghwa and Seohyun, who will twinkle like a star in the world."

A representative from the Metro newspaper commented that fans wanted to show their gratitude towards Yonghwa and Seohyun who have made them happy every Saturday for more than a year.

It truly has been a year since YongSeo's meeting on February 27th. The youngest couple on the variety program was forced to bid farewell due to their increasingly busy schedules. A new couple will take their place, joining current couple Nickhun and Victoria.

What do you think of the message left by the fans? What is your message to YongSeo? 

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Source: Newsen

Daily Interest [04.01.11] SNSD fansites taking part in this glorious celebration on April 1, 2011!(updated with links:)

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At the stroke of midnight in Korea, many SNSD fansites underwent obvious modifications in conjunction with April Fools’ Day, which brought much laughter and amusement to netizens and fans alike.

Here at KpopLIVE, we compiled hilarious screencaps from some of the countless SNSD fansites around the world, which took on various changes on April 1. All modifications are meant for entertainment and no offense intended.

First up, Sosion transformed into an IU fansite! (Link!!!)

Posted Image 

Sosiz turned into a TV network website. (Link!!!)

Posted Image 

On Tangpa, a Taeyeon fansite, photos of Taeyeon’s belongings such as a gorgeous house, car, guitar and so on were posted but at the end of the page, it basically says “Just kidding”. (Link!!)

Posted Image 

On Woorissica, Jessica‘s Korean fansite, a Photoshopped photo of her stuck in a watermelon was posted. She is known to be scared of cucumbers and melons. (Link!!)

Posted Image 

Sunny‘s Sunshine Village‘s homepage is full of photos of food with Super Junior-H‘s Cooking? Cooking! playing in the background. (Link!!)

Posted Image 

Sunny’s Chinese fansite Our Love Sunny has a huge photo of chickens on the homepage, which says, “Everyone has gone to catch chicken with Lee Sunkyu (Sunny’s Korean name). Still not going with us? Let’s go! We get to eat meat when we are with Sunkyu!” (Link!!!)

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The Stephi, Tiffany‘s fansite has a huge 19+ sign on the main page! Is it a rated site now? Nah, it’s just for April Fool! (Link!!!)

Posted Image 

Hyoyeon‘s fansite turned into Hyotte World, a play on the famous Lotte World!  (Link!!!)

Posted Image Posted Image 

Hyomorous shows us SNSD through the ages on their Soshi-vilization! (Link!!)

Posted Image 

Yuri‘s fansite, KwonYuri125, is now Yoon Yoosun‘s fansite, who acted as Lee Seunggi‘s aunt in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. (link!!!)

Posted Image 

Yoona‘s DeerYoona is advertising sushi! (Link!!!)

Posted Image 

A website dedicated to Yoona and Yuri,, is now for 2NE1‘s CL and Minzy! (link!!!)

Posted Image 

Another Taeyeon’s Chinese fansite has the photo of a Chinese traditional opera singer on its homepage. 

Posted Image 

SNSD’s Vietnam fansite Soshivn turned into 2NE1′s fansite and their news pages is now dedicated to KARA!  (link~)

Posted Image
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We left the best for last; SNSD’s international fansite Soshified “leaked” the teasers and details on SNSD’s upcoming Japanese single Mr. Taxi featuring *drum rolls* none other than Justin Bieber! And yes, it is just a joke for April Fool but the folks at Soshified went through all the trouble to create a fake interview, video teasers as well as an overhaul on the entire website to make it “Bieber Generation”! (link~~)

Posted Image
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So what do you think of the SNSD fansites’ changes for April Fool’s Day?

Take it lightly for laughs. After all, it is April Fool’s Day! Have a nice day folks! Stay safe and don’t get pranked!

 main image credit to: Soshified
Article credit to:  yegrina@kpoplive