Sunday, April 3, 2011

Daily videos [04.03.11] The finale of Yongseo couple Part 2(last episode)~~Back to where we start ~

Finally, Yongseo couple ended their final recording and broadcast of We Got Married!
Jung Yonghwa, a busan guy who is clumsy and careles. Seo Juhyun, a "model student" who is considerate and innocent. It has been more than a year since they were together for WGM. Seohyun who only cares about gogoma instead of paying attention to guys, had grown alot ever since he met Yonghwa. Bring husband for medical checkup, always remind him to avoid drinking too much coffee, knit a scarf for him,being forgive and forget and so on. From all these, we can see that Seohyun had change alot through WGM. Really very thankful that Seohyun had met Yonghwa through WGM. Their relationship grown slowly, day by day. They learn how to understand one another, and care for each other. Just because everything are moving slowly, it makes their relationship more naturally. Of course, this includes holding hands and crossing arms! Last but not least, hugs! Just like Adam couple, it's not that there's no more Yongseo couple existing. It's just that they are not in We Got Married.
Here's the last episode of Yongseo, enjoy ^^

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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